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Dynamics CRM

Since 2004, our goal has been to provide the absolute best CPQ experience for Dynamics CRM users by delivering a CPQ solution specifically tuned for Dynamics CRM.

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  • Analogic
  • Anca
  • Brother International
  • EPB
  • Harris Corporation
  • HEMA
  • Inpro
  • Kastle Systems
  • MCFA
  • TECO
  • ThermoFisher Scientific

Cloud or On-Premise

We give you the power of choice with the unique ability to switch between platforms anytime. You can even host and own Experlogix yourself and connect to CRM Online if needed.

Trigger CRM Approval Workflows

Experlogix can fire CRM workflows to route for discount approvals, engineering change requests and more.

We Respect the CRM UI

No matter which version of CRM you use, Experlogix matches the look of CRM. Why is this important? It provides a natural transition from CRM to CPQ for your users, shortens learning curves and increases user adoption. Wish we didn’t match CRM? We’ve got other skins to choose from or you can create your own.

Harness OOTB CRM

Complete integration with CRM Opportunities, Quotes, Orders and Service Contracts are available the moment you install Experlogix. Access to the CRM Product Catalog and Price Lists is also at the ready, as is integration with Custom Entities. We don’t alter your CRM platform or force you to install custom entities or attributes. It’s all available OOTB (out-of-the-box).

Read From & Write to CRM

Let’s say you need Experlogix to calculate a quote’s gross profit and you want to send that figure back to CRM for reporting purposes. With clicks (rather than coding), it’s done. What if you want Experlogix to recognize the account’s country and only display products that can be sold in that region? Within minutes, it’s done!

Portal Access

We add powerful quote and order capabilities to Dynamics 365 Portal, Microsoft’s portal solution for Dynamics CRM. Empower your resellers, distributors and external reps to create their own quotes with Experlogix. Anything done in the portal with Experlogix flows back into Dynamics CRM for complete visibility.

Create BOMs

For manufacturers, Experlogix can create viewable dynamic bill-of-materials and attach to the CRM Quote or Order, ready for transfer to your ERP system.

CRM Updates

If you’re ready to take advantage of a new CRM release, rest assured we support the new version too - there’s never a delay.

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