Document Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Empower your business users with innovative document generation for Dynamics 365, enabling the creation, management and delivery of better documents, faster.

Simplified, optimized document generation for Dynamics 365

Build and run any document generation, approval, delivery, and storage process that leverages data from Dynamics 365/Dataverse, Experlogix’s web-based Smart Forms, and external data sources. Whether your organization requires simple or complex document flows, easily model and deploy them by arranging flow steps through Experlogix’s intuitive user interface.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Leverage data from Dynamics 365 and accurately generate customized documents with detailed and consistent language. Automatically calculate cost, update customer information, write documents back to 365, and save to SharePoint.


Dynamics 365 Finance

Create highly personalized and compelling quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, reports, correspondence, and more, guided through optimized and automated post-processing, approval, delivery, and archiving paths to efficiently engage with customers.

Collect data from all Dataverse columns and rows, with an unlimited degree of relationship between the tables. Combine data from Dynamics with other data sources including data collected from Experlogix web-based forms.
Easily create dynamic, data-driven, and sophisticated document templates with the Experlogix Template Builder Microsoft Word add-in. Combine multiple templates into a header, body, footer, and insert sections and manage templates such as a corporate header, a terms and conditions section, a legal disclaimer and re-use them across multiple compositions.
Visually build automated document flows that contain conditional steps, such as sending generated documents by email, to a network printer or via e-signature platforms. Store a generated document as an attachment to a Dynamics 365 FO record, as a note attachment to a Dynamics 365 Sales record or in Microsoft SharePoint.
Experlogix for Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a centralized management console, providing an integrated control panel where users can access and manage project settings, controls, configurations, and flow errors. A reporting interface offers detailed insights in adoption, usage, and performance.

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