Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Simplify and speed up your quote and order processes to help your sales representatives sell faster and more accurately.

What is CPQ?

Configure, Price, Quote, or CPQ, is a business software used in the B2B industry that enables sales teams to quote complex configurable products and services with accuracy. CPQ controls product and service options, available feature combinations, pricing and discounting, and automates quote processes, helping sales representatives quote fast and sell right – every time.


Product configuration refers to building and designing products as per specific customer needs. It includes features that help select, visualize and specify options, making the process easy to control and navigate.


The pricing function leverages logic-based rules to generate complex quotes that are accurately priced. It ensures sales reps are delivering exact prices and discounts at the highest possible margin each time.


Quoting provides customers with a detailed estimate based on prior specifications. The ability to generate customized, accurate and compelling quotes faster is critical to sealing the deal.

Features to accelerate your quote processes

Regardless how you sell – directly with your direct sales team, via resellers or B2B/B2C on the web – Experlogix CPQ simplifies and accelerates your quote-to-cash processes through powerful and comprehensive yet simple-to-use capabilities, helping you sell at the speed of now and increase revenue.

Front-to-back-office processes

A seamlessly integrated quote-to-manufacture solution, Experlogix CPQ lets you build sophisticated quotes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and CE/CRM or Salesforce, and push the entire manufacturing production order to your ERP platform. You can access our solution directly within Dynamics 365 FO/AX, Dynamics 365 BC/NAV or NetSuite, and experience intuitive product configuration.

CPQ for Dynamics 365 FO
CPQ for Dynamics 365 Sales

Efficient approval workflows

Your sales team can efficiently collaborate and eliminate bottlenecks with sales management and engineering by leveraging automated workflow approval requests. Prevent rogue discounting by setting thresholds for maximum discounts without authorization. Product change requests can route to appropriate team members for fast action and pricing.

Logic-based pricing and discounting

Experlogix provides an intuitive, wizard-driven workbench for pricing and discounting configuration, allowing non-technical users to create and maintain sophisticated rules and formulas without programming expertise. Whether you price on cost plus a markup, use complex formulas and tables, price based on territory, lease calculations or a combination of all, we handle the most complex scenarios with ease, so your sales representatives deliver an accurate price at the highest possible margin each time. We also include Excel integration and API to pull prices from external systems if needed.

Logic-Based Pricing
CPQ for NetSuite

Dynamic product visualizations

You can visualize products during configuration, as options and colors are changed. With Image Compositing in Experlogix CPQ, you can apply different colors and textures, and create complex compositions with layers and effects; your changes are dynamically displayed as you make them, improving experience for both resellers and customers.

Guided selling

As sales representatives configure a quote or order, Experlogix verifies in real-time the accuracy of each selection and instantly provides intelligent feedback via easy-to-understand pop-up messages and color-coded highlights. Up-sell and cross-sell messages guide users to recommendations to provide a total solution proposal that increase revenue. You can also configure our CPQ solution to gather application-specific requirements to recommend the best product or service for your customers.


On-demand BOM and routing

Experlogix can produce new product items and BOM, or reuse existing ones. Each Assembly and Item on a BOM can be dynamically added with an unlimited number of BOM levels. Routing steps can be added in the same manner – e.g. custom shop floor work instructions. Sub-BOM attributes can be mapped to Experlogix, allowing you to set quantities, units of measure, notes, etc. Sub-route attributes like cycle time, move time, queue time, and others can also be calculated by our solution.

Advanced manufacturing capabilities

Experlogix adds the “M” to CPQ by providing the most advanced manufacturing capabilities. Our unique modeling workbench enables your product managers and engineers to define component relationships that drive unique combinations of parts, materials, sub-assemblies, routings, or lean schedules. New items with dynamic part numbers can be created in your ERP system with the flexibility to leverage existing BOM and routings, or create new ones. We also support Project-based manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX.

CPQ for Dynamics 365 BC
e-Commerce Integrations

e-Commerce platform integrations

Companies focused on e-commerce are challenged to offer online customers complex product lines, that are often tailored or configured. Experlogix CPQ provides connections to leading e-commerce platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamicweb, Sana, and others, to power up order processing, production and fulfillment, and create an exceptional customer experience.

Advanced document generation

An advanced feature of our CPQ solution, the document generation functionality powered by Experlogix Doucument Automation allows you to create, generate, manage, deliver, and e-sign highly personalized, accurate and compelling quotes and proposals, through automated and consistent processes. So you can deliver tailored documents faster than your competitors and better engage with your customers.

CPQ Portal Edition to sell faster online

The CPQ Portal Edition enables you to expand sales to the web by providing the power of Experlogix capabilities within a portal, to help your online customers, prospects and dealers easily configure custom products and services that meet their unique needs. We offer self-service quote and order entry with guided, pre-configured options and controls, which accelerates sales cycles, improves the bottom line and increases customer satisfaction.

Unparalleled integrations to top CRM and ERP

Experlogix CPQ solutions bring unparalleled out-of-the-box and certified integrations to the industry-leading platforms Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and NetSuite. Our deep CRM and ERP integrations let you handle the most complex CPQ requirements and streamline your quote processes within your existing system to generate real ROI.

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