Document Automation API

Add sophisticated document generation and document automation capabilities to your software applications, using the Experlogix Document Automation API.

Simplified, optimized document generation for your applications

Based on the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), Experlogix provides a ready-to-use server-side component that smoothly integrates with your software applications, empowering you to simplify, optimize and automate any document process. Whether you develop small applications for business users or fully-fledged applications for entire departments, we give you the API services you need to call Experlogix’s document generation and document automation functionalities from any external software. So you don’t have to worry about anything related to generating, managing, delivering, and storing your business-critical documents.

Experlogix Document Automation offers an extensive API

Flexible, advanced API

We support the world’s top performing sales teams across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, heavy equipment, furniture, medical and mobility, high tech, and more.

A powerful solution for business users

Experlogix Document Automation provides robust yet user-friendly capabilities that make the generation, management, delivery, and storage of business documents effortless. Right from your software applications, your business users are empowered to create highly personalized and compelling quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, reports, correspondence, and more, guided through optimized and automated post-processing, approval, delivery, and archiving paths to efficiently engage with customers.

Advanced document design

Experlogix includes Template Builder, a Microsoft Word add-in that allows users to easily create dynamic, data-driven and sophisticated document templates, and configure complex workflows and business rules.

Unlimited data sets

Multiple data sets – Microsoft Dynamics 365/Dataverse, SugarCRM, Salesforce, ERP, CPQ, ECM, user input, XML, and other data sources – can be created and combined in document templates. Experlogix has no limitations on the data you can use in your business documents.

Composed templates

Composed templates, called “compositions”, can be dragged and dropped into a document body, header, footer, and insert zone during template design. With Experlogix, insertion of compositions can be conditional, and conditions can leverage data from external sources and user input.

Intuitive flow building interface

Available in English, French and Dutch, the intuitive interface of Experlogix allows users to easily and visually build automated document flows by adding and arranging flow blocks each executing a specific action – generate, print, send an email, store, e-sign, and more.

Conditional document flows

Users can configure document flows that contain conditional steps, such as sending generated documents by email, to a network printer or via an e-signature platform, and storing generated documents in Experlogix Content Manager, Microsoft SharePoint or other content management systems.

Centralized management console

Experlogix includes a centralized management console, providing an integrated control panel where users can access and manage project settings, controls, configurations, and flow errors. A reporting interface offers detailed insights in adoption, usage and performance.

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