Document Automation for Real Estate

Create, deliver, and e-sign comprehensive and compliant real estate documents accelerating revenue and growth.

Document Automation for Real Estate​

Automate document processes that drive business growth

Experlogix’s document generation and document automation solution help real estate organizations efficiently create and deliver consistent and compliant documents – commercial lease agreements, rental inspection reports, rent receipts, and more – to serve more customers, better and faster.
Automate the creation of highly personalized real estate documents with dynamic features and business rules. Incorporate tenant, buyer and property information, calculations, terms and conditions, legal requirements, and regulatory notices.
Experlogix’s seamless integrations to leading CRM platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, help to increase efficiency and quality by automating consistent flows for the generation, management, approval, and e-signature of critical documents.
Integrate with leading electronic signature providers – DocuSign, Sertifi, OneSpan Sign, ConsignO Cloud and Acrobat Sign and quickly collect secure and legally binding signatures on your real estate documents.

Create complex lease agreements including standard and custom clauses, with ease

Using the Experlogix Template Builder, you can easily create complex lease agreement templates that combine both standard, regulatory wording and variable data pulled from your real estate organization’s CRM or ECM systems.

  • Dynamic data fields automatically incorporate, everywhere needed in your templates, tenants’ personal and business information – name, address, phone number – and other mandatory information – date, location, witnesses’ names and addresses.
  • Configure business rules for the inclusion of tenant-specific content such as pre-negotiated clauses and terms.
  • The logic built in the lease agreement templates replaces the standard language with the customized content only for the tenants to which it applies

Automate the generation and delivery of late rent notices

Experlogix Smart Flows integrates with your real estate organization’s CRM platform, so you can effortlessly build and deploy automated flows for efficient generation, management and delivery of late rent notices.

  • During the flow execution, the notices automatically incorporate tenant and property information stored in CRM, as well as logic-based payment information.
  • Once generated, late rent notices are delivered to tenants through their preferred channel, whether it is print or email.
  • Configure Smart Flows to attach a copy of a document to the tenants’ record in your CRM or ECM system.
Automate the generation and delivery of late rent notices​

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