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“The speed and accuracy of Experlogix CPQ has given us a clear and strong competitive advantage over our competition. Experlogix has been a real game-changer for ANCA.”
“Building, maintaining and changing configurations can be handled by the company’s internal resources much more efficiently, and are available in record time to all users.”
“Our more than 1000 dealers now deliver orders that are 99.9% correct. It is no longer necessary to do a check. The order-to-production time has been reduced by 3-4 days, leading to better delivery terms.”
“With the old configuration tool, we had too many cases where combinations were selected and could not be built. This is now a thing of the past, and we can maintain the flexibility to handle non-standard requirements.”
“The CPQ is easy to work with and allows us to create complex quotes and agreements in a short time frame. It offers the best value for your investment.”
“The staff at Experlogix was amazing. They were willing to work at our pace and meet our deadlines.”
“Of the vendors we considered, only Experlogix could provide the flexibility and functionality we needed – along with deep integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”
“Our dealers could be sitting on the showroom floor with a laptop or at a boat show with a tablet, and configure a complex order with Experlogix CPQ.”
“Experlogix enables us to produce orders in just a fraction of the time previously required. We no longer have to deal with complex systems involving multiple software tools and hordes of Excel spreadsheets.”
“One of the best aspects of our decision to go with Experlogix has been the team of people. They are one of the best vendors I have ever worked with.”
“Experlogix is easy and fast – which the dealers really like. It also enables us to internally focus more on providing quality customer service.”
“Because we have control of the whole supply chain process and the ability to trace the operations on a real-time basis, the company can improve all KPIs – including productivity, stocks and delivery – by multiples.”
“Our quotes can be extremely difficult and messy. The only way we can do it is with Experlogix. Their solution has saved us countless hours.”
“We were immediately impressed at the professionalism of the Experlogix team members and the flexibility that Experlogix CPQ offered as a product.”
“Since implemented, CPQ has cut the time spent on order intake from 10 minutes to only minutes, providing plenty of extra time during the typical 15-minute appointment.”
“The quality and professionalism that we have received from the Experlogix staff has been phenomenal. It is such a fantastic product and their attention to detail and customer service is second to none.”
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“Since going live with Experlogix, our revenue has grown by 5%-10% year-over-year, and orders have increased.”
“With the Experlogix Configurator running inside Dynamics CRM, we have seen our time-to-quote reduced from as much as 2 days down to 5 minutes.”
“The rule feature in Experlogix is a good way to guide and lead the user through the process. This led to a significant reduction in the number of failures in creating accurate quotes on the first pass.”
“Experlogix has made it much faster to create valid orders. We have seen about a 50% improvement in time-to-quote. And accuracy in quoting has also improved about 50%.”
“Our goal is to increase each salesperson’s annual sales revenue by over $200,000. Now with Experlogix CPQ in place, we are well on our way to achieving that goal.”
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“The quoting time for configurating doors at our dealers has gone from 1 or 2 days to just a few minutes and has helped us increase our sales win rates.”
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“Experlogix provides an easy way to copy and modify an existing configuration. In addition, we are now able to create rules once and apply them across multiple families and products.”
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“We have been able to reduce the amount of time we spend on service calls by an average of 80% per call. We can now spend far more time improving the total quality of our business.”
“With our improved data integrity, we have better knowledge of what our dealers or sales reps are selling (or not selling).”
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“We can configure new products on the fly. And with the rules we have built, the solution will immediately tell us whether new products are profitable.”
“The innate flexibility of Experlogix accommodates our varied equipment and attachment suppliers, and allows us to use both standard and non-standard pricing structures.”
“Experlogix molded their product around our needs. They did some pretty interesting integration work to make it all work.”
“Wherever our sales people are in the field, they are able to access the Experlogix Configurator running inside Dynamics CRM.”

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