Less Time Quoting. More Time Selling.

Free-up valuable time to focus on what truly matters – closing deals and driving sales. Whether you are selling services, subscriptions or make-to-order products, Experlogix CPQ has the power and flexibility to deliver results.

Make Everything Easier to Sell

Outmanuver your competitors with an advanced CPQ solution that empowers sales teams to configure, price and deliver professional quotes with ease, regardless of complexity.

Experlogix CPQ verifies the accuracy of choices instantly and provides intelligent feedback to guide sales teams to error-free quotes that represent the greatest margin. Configure recommendations for other products or services as well as bundles to help sales teams upsell and cross-sell effectively, driving additional revenue.

Experlogix allows non-technical users to create and maintain sophisticated pricing rules and approval logic without programming expertise. Whether you price on cost plus a markup, use complex formulas and tables, price based on territory, lease calculations or a combination of all, our CPQ software handles the most complex scenarios easily, so you deliver an accurate price at the highest possible margin each time. We also include Excel integration and API to pull prices from external systems, in addition to our out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.
Experience Experlogix’s seamless capability to produce complex, multi-level Bills of Materials (BOMs) and product items (or repurpose existing ones) for integration with ERP platforms. Easily drive custom shop floor work instructions while mapping sub-BOM and sub-route attributes for precise calculations of quantities, units of measure, cycle times and more.
Your sales team can efficiently collaborate and eliminate bottlenecks with sales management and engineering by leveraging automated workflow approval requests. Prevent rogue discounting by setting thresholds for maximum discounts without authorization. Product change requests can route to appropriate team members for fast action and pricing.
Send elegant proposals using predefined templates directly from your quoting process, saving time and elevating the customer experience. Document flows can be completely automated, including approvals, signatures and storage.


Why settle for unreliable API calls or basic screen buttons? Experience the power of Experlogix’s deep, bi-directional integration to CRM and ERP platforms with our innovative Cloud Connect technology. Revolutionize your workflow with seamless connectivity that enhances user productivity and efficiency.

Experlogix CPQ ROI

Experlogix clients report a reduction in both quote errors and time as well as improved quote accuracy.

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reduction in order errors
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3D Visualization

Visualize your products in stunning detail as you configure with Experlogix CPQ. From intricate configurations to immersive experiences, drive engagement like never before.
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A CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution is computer software for use in customer relationship management, with respect to preparing price quotes for complex electronic configurations. CPQ solutions enable sales teams to quote configurable products and services with accuracy.

Experlogix CPQ leverages a logic-based rules engine, so product and engineering teams can control product and service options, available feature combinations, pricing and discounting, and automate processes such as discount approvals, helping sales representatives sell more quickly and create accurate quotes every time.

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Integrating CPQ with CRM helps achieve greater efficiency by allowing users to call powerful configuration, pricing and quoting functionality from within a familiar environment. It also limits how much time sales representatives must spend on copying data between systems, and ensures that data maintains accuracy as it moves between systems.

Experlogix CPQ features an intuitive interface and low-code environment that is highly customizable to specific business needs and product ecosystems. Our rules engine allows product and engineering teams to define and manage products, as well as any number of variations — this allows our solution to handle both simple and complex product configurations with ease.

Our rules engine also track dependencies between components to ensure that orders can truly be built.

By integrating with key CRM and ERP systems, our solution allows organizations to streamline the entire CPQ process, while automating critical workflows like discount approvals and more. Experlogix CPQ features out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and NetSuite.

The rules engine can be customized to a wide range of needs — some of our current clients manage thousands of configurations per month in a fraction of the time it took using their previous solution. Our rules engine also enables features such as guided selling, which allows product and engineering teams to create customized alerts and highlights to help sales teams identify more opportunities, while preventing incorrect combinations from making it into an order.

Our clients report an average 75% reduction in quote time and 33% reduction in quote errors and rework. The value also gets carried across different departments, since our clients spend less time producing products based on incorrect orders and sales spends less time manually looking up prices and making calculations; this also lets sales teams focus more on engaging prospects. For example, one Experlogix client was able to increase each salesperson’s revenue by $200,000 per year.

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