Document Automation for Healthcare

Create, manage, and deliver personalized and engaging healthcare documents to provide your members with the experience they deserve.
Document Automation Healthcare

Deliver personalized documents to better engage with members

Experlogix Document Automation is highly flexible and designed to meet your unique business needs.
Build and automate healthcare document flows, from automatic enrollment welcome emails and renewal e-sign requests to invoicing notifications and instant claims updates.
Configure business rules to support jurisdiction-specific variations, multiple languages, regulatory changes, and legal and financial requirements, to easily meet industry regulations.
Access information from your core systems, Experlogix Smart forms, and wherever you store data to generate highly personalized and detail-driven documents.

Improve efficiency and experience with a digital benefits enrollment process

Create a web form with Experlogix Smart Forms that allows enrollees to easily and rapidly submit their information online. Pre-configured business rules in the form control the questions displayed based on previous answers. Add data fields with interactive guided functions such as clickable definitions and mandatory fields.

  • Digitize and streamline the enrollment process.
  • Automatically store and organize data to generate professional documents.
  • Eliminate paper handling and enhance the customer experience.

Promote healthy habits with ease, via personalized, contextual wellness programs

Promote good health habits by creating and delivering highly personalized and omni-channel wellness programs that include up-to-date member data and tailored messages. The Experlogix Template Builder helps to build a program template incorporating dynamic data fields linked to your health insurance, CRM or ECM systems; member’s information is automatically added to the fields.

  • Include member-specific content in customer emails, documents and deliverables.
  • Include multiple language variations automatically based on member preferences.
  • Deliver highly personalized and contextual documents through the right channel – every time.
with ease, via personalized, contextual wellness programs

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