Martin Garage Doors

Garage Door Manufacturer Accelerates Online Sales Experience for Dealers


  • Better product visualization during the quote configuration process.
  • Significantly reduced quoting time from days to minutes.
  • Greatly reduced order errors.
  • Increased order close rate with a dealer web portal.
  • Better visibility into customer demand - improved forecasting.

“The quoting time for configurating doors at our dealers has gone from 1 or 2 days to just a few minutes and has helped us increase our sales win rates.”

Martin Doors creates and distributes overhead doors for residential as well as commercial applications, putting the finishing quality touches on everything they build at their plant. Hundreds of architects, builders and contractors have come to trust Martin as the only name in quality garage doors. Martin Door has helped thousands of homeowners transform their existing homes or finish off their new homes with style, safety and reliability.


Since 1936, Martin Door has designed, manufactured and sold some of the finest overhead garage doors in the industry. Fully customizable with millions of permutations, they were faced with the challenge of updating their website and adopting a fully integrated web based CPQ solution. “We needed a product configurator that gives potential customers the freedom to tailor products to their exact needs and specifications.” said Robert Scott, VP of Engineering. “Today’s customers have higher visual expectations than ever. We needed to deliver an unrivaled product experience that performs. Experlogix CPQ enables you to visualize products that are dimensionally perfect and with photo-realistic graphics.” noted Scott. Martin Door has an extensive dealer network, that they rely on heavily to promote and sell their customized doors. “We needed to make visual selling our advantage to maintain our competitive edge within the industry.” said Scott.

“The quoting time for configurating doors at our dealers has gone from one or two days to just a few minutes and has helped us increase our sales win rates.”

Robert Scott, VP of Engineering at Martin Door


Martin Door’s decision to implement an updated system was driven by their long standing relationship with Experlogix. Their investment in a new website and desire to have a fully integrated web based CPQ system was fulfilled. “Experlogix CPQ integrated effortlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and now all of our systems can talk together.” noted Scott. “Experlogix has been very patient and professional with us during this implementation. They’ve been able to push our product and company to the next level.” We’ve spent millions of dollars putting in all this fancy manufacturing equipment and Experlogix is the front-end engine that is feeding all of the data into it.”


Experlogix CPQ has empowered Martin Door with the tools and resources to sell more doors and reinvent themselves in the process. With Experlogix CPQ running on the Microsoft Dynamics web portal, Martin has seen a big spike in internet sales and with the help of their dealer network are capable of processing and manufacturing 200 fully customized orders a day. “Our dealer network continues to grow, because we know we have the ability to meet the demand to produce more doors quickly.” says Scott. “Our website, with its responsive design and built in configurator has the curb appeal, speed and ability to visually place a configured door on a house instantly. It’s also given us much better visibility into customer demand, making our forecasting much more accurate.”

“Previously, on a good day, it would take us one to two days to complete a quote and get an order into production. We had no room for errors.” noted Scott. “Now, with our new systems in place, you can instantly see what your new door will look like on your house with photo-realistic graphics and pinpoint accurate dimensions. And, you can place the order just as fast as you can enter the information on your computer or tablet.”

The Experlogix CPQ solution is also winning praise from their dealers. “Customers can now see, build and order their Martin Door instantly and conveniently from the showroom floor. And, without errors.” mentioned Scott. “The dealers are very excited about the new system and being able to have a customer see their door on the spot. We’re offering the web portal configurator to our dealers for free and that has been a great tool for us to sign up new dealers as well as keep our existing dealers selling our products.”

“Everything to do with working with Experlogix has been wonderful. From the product to support and professional services – they’ve made us successful.”

Robert Scott, VP of Engineering at Martin Door

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