ANCA Pty Ltd.

Global, Award-winning Manufacturer of CNC Grinding Machines Outperforms Competition with Experlogix CPQ


  • Improve speed and accuracy of quotes for global sales force.
  • Configure orders automatically - no opportunity for errors.
  • Automate bill-of-material and manufacturing orders.
  • Seamlessly maintain the complexity of multiple languages and currencies.
  • Accurately support tracking history and support tickets in customer portal.
  • Provide a seamless transition of parts into MRP system.

“The speed and accuracy of Experlogix CPQ have given us a clear and strong competitive advantage over our competition. Experlogix has been a real game-changer for ANCA.”

Jeff Hazeldine, CPQ Developer at ANCA

Founded in 1974, ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, motion controls and sheet metal solutions. With its global headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia, ANCA also has offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil, and the US as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide. ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries.


As a leading designer and manufacturer of CNC grinding machines with a global footprint, ANCA was faced with the “overwhelming” challenge of implementing a system that could improve the speed and accuracy of orders being pushed into their MRP system. Additionally, there was a desire and need to have a centralized system that could consistently and efficiently make the quoting process easier and error-free for their entire global sales force.  With approximately 28 offices located throughout the world and 4 main regional offices in Australia, China, Germany, and the U.S., ANCA was also burdened with the challenge of generating and maintaining complex quotes in different currencies and languages. “With 20 different machine models and thousands of parts and configurations, trying to generate quotes and maintain rules and formulas was overwhelming to put it bluntly,“ says Jeff Hazeldine, CPQ Developer at ANCA. “We were spending an excessive amount of time checking and rechecking orders for accuracy before they could be sent out.  We are an automation company. We invent technology, but, yet our sales process was entirely manual.”

“The speed and accuracy of Experlogix CPQ have given us a clear and strong competitive advantage over our competition. Experlogix has been a real game changer for ANCA.” 

Jeff Hazeldine, CPQ Developer at ANCA


ANCA’s decision to implement a new business system was solidified by a customized demo that highlighted how an ANCA – Experlogix CPQ system would look, feel and operate. “Implementation went very smoothly. We launched the new system to our global sales force shortly thereafter and now have a 100% CRM/CPQ adoption rate in most territories across the organization. Experlogix fit our business needs and it integrated effortlessly with our Dynamics CRM system,” noted Hazeldine.

North American Sales Manager, Keith Grillot, who has been with ANCA for 23 years and manages 5 regional salespeople, all using Experlogix CPQ, stated “Experlogix CPQ is a generational change for our sales team. It is the logic behind the scenes and has become the centralized management tool for our company, globally. Gone are the days of Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and conflicting price lists. It has changed the entire culture of our sales staff.”


Experlogix CPQ has given ANCA the competitive advantage to outperform their competition. “It might take our competitors the better part of a week to get a quote to a prospect, we can turn around a quote the same day.” says Grillot. “With our old system, it would take us 30 minutes to create 1 quote. Now with Experlogix, I can create 6 quotes in 30 min.” The speed, accuracy, and efficiency of Experlogix CPQ has made a huge difference for ANCA. “We no longer have to re key order information into our MRP system and Experlogix automatically creates the BOM and Routing for us and is accurate 100% of the time,” noted Grillot. “Some of our customers also want to consider multiple configurations before making a decision. We can now create multiple configurations in a single quote, and it takes just seconds to create and compare an alternate configuration. “It has been a real game changer for us,” says Grillot. “We can now spend more time selling to new prospects and less time creating quotes and constantly verifying their accuracy.”

From an administration side, ANCA has seen tremendous gains as well. “I used to spend 3 or more days a week updating our systems when new parts were being introduced,” said Hazeldine. “With Experlogix CPQ I only need to spend a day a week maintaining product and pricing changes which has freed up more time to make other improvements to the business.”

“With Experlogix, quotes can be created six times faster. Previously, one quote would take thirty minutes or more to create. Now, I can create six quotes in thirty minutes.”

Keith Grillot, Sales Manager at ANCA

“From start to go live, the support that we have received from Experlogix has been great and we always get an answer in a timely fashion.” advocates Hazeldine. “The tracking system of support tickets in the customer portal is fantastic. I am more than happy with the support that I have received from Experlogix.

Given the complexity of their quotes, combined with global and demographic development, Experlogix CPQ has given ANCA the ability to support their global sales force and provide a seamless transition of accurate production orders into their MRP system.

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