Technology VAR Cuts Proposal Production Time by 80 Percent


  • Faster quote-to-orders.
  • 100% order accuracy.
  • Streamline complex price and cost scenarios.
  • Calculate real-time sales taxes.
  • Quick turnaround of support renewal quotes.
  • No longer relies on cumbersome spreadsheets.
Instant InfoSystems
Torrance, CA, USA
Instant InfoSystems is one of the world’s most experienced value-added providers of cloud-based solutions for voice, fax, and data. For more than 25 years, we have solved complex challenges for Fortune 1000 customers in nearly every industry, helping organizations manage their critical documents, communications, and infrastructures more efficiently, intelligently, and securely. Today, Instant InfoSystems enjoys strategic relationships with the industry’s leading developers of UCaaS, CCaaS, SD-WAN, and fax technologies and provides a full spectrum of professional services, consultative guidance, and world-class technical support.

“Of the vendors we considered, only Experlogix could provide the flexibility and functionality we needed – along with deep integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”


Proposal response time and accuracy were areas that Instant InfoSystems identified to improve for their clients. Previously, sales reps used spreadsheets to calculate the prices and costs of products and services. Once figures were totaled, the rep manually enter the calculated prices into Microsoft CRM. The procedure averaged 30 minutes or more and was open to human error. “The whole process was very manual and susceptible to mistakes” says Dan Nishita, IT Administrator.

“Of the vendors we considered, only Experlogix could provide the flexibility and functionality we needed – along with the deep integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

Dan Nishita, IT Administrator at Instant InfoSystems


“We needed a configurator that populated Microsoft CRM with prices and costs based on predefined rules and formulas,” continues Nishita. “Also, it had to enable our sales team to create quotes efficiently and accurately. Of the configurators we considered, only Experlogix could provide the flexibility and functionality we needed, along with deep integration to Microsoft CRM.”

Instant InfoSystems took their complicated formulas and a multitude of proposal scenarios, and easily transferred them into Experlogix’s Formula and Rule Designer. According to Nishita, “Experlogix accommodated everything we threw at it – including real-time tax calculations from a web-based provider.”


Experlogix now enables Instant InfoSystems to extend their responsive service to their sales staff. By increasing quote accuracy to 100% and reducing manual effort, Instant Info-Systems creates their complex product and service proposals in just five minutes – saving more than 25 minutes per quote.
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“Your success is dependent on your vendor. A great product without a great partner is never going to be satisfactory. We’re fortunate to have a great vendor in Experlogix.”
“The staff at Experlogix was amazing. They were willing to work at our pace and meet our deadlines.”
“Wherever our sales people are in the field, they are able to access the Experlogix Configurator running inside Dynamics CRM.”