Customize and deliver complex quotes and orders with accuracy, leveraging powerful CPQ capabilities that simplify and streamline your quote and order processes.

Are your product or service quotes complex?

Do you need a CPQ solution that easily handles millions of potential permutations, quickly and accurately configuring, optimizing and pricing sophisticated customer proposals from your NetSuite environment? Heavy equipment and high-tech manufacturers, professional field service organizations and retailers that require an intuitive, user-friendly configuration interface backed by a powerful engine turn to Experlogix to solve their unique CPQ challenges.

Seamlessly integrated with Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Product Catalog, and Price Lists, Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite enables sales representatives to accelerate quote and proposal processes and eliminate errors, guided through the most complex pricing and quoting parameters, speeding up sales cycles, improving accuracy and increasing revenue.

A powerful solution

Since 2012, Experlogix has strived to provide the best CPQ experience for NetSuite users by delivering comprehensive yet simple-to-use capabilities, with the highest caliber of integration to their ERP platform. This results in a natural transition from NetSuite to CPQ for your business users, which shortens learning curves and increases user adoption for significant ROI.

Built for NetSuite

Hybrid SuiteApp

Experlogix CPQ streamlines the quote and order entry process for your product lines with pre-built stock configurations and kits that can be added to customer quotes with a single click, providing total solution proposals that increase revenue.
As sales representatives configure a quote or order, Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite verifies in real-time the accuracy of each selection and instantly provides intelligent feedback via easy-to-understand pop-up messages and color-coded highlights.
Experlogix handles the most complex pricing and discounting configurations with ease, allowing non-technical users to create and maintain sophisticated rules and formulas without programming expertise, so your sales team delivers accurate prices at the highest possible margins each time.
With Image Compositing in Experlogix CPQ, you can apply different colors and textures, and create complex compositions with layers and effects. Changes are dynamically displayed as you make them, improving experience for both resellers and customers.

success story

Norwalk Furniture

Learn how Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite allows Norwalk Furniture to customize furniture like they have never been able to customize before, bringing real value to the company.

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