Dynamics 365 Sales

Experlogix CPQ integration supercharges your Dynamics 365 platform, enabling you to create accurate quotes and orders effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual data entry and redundant processes as Experlogix automates complex configuration tasks, reduces errors and saves valuable time.

Put 20 years of Dynamics 365 integration to work for you. ​

We are the pioneers of CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics, launching our first version with Microsoft CRM 1.2 in 2004. Today, Experlogix has more customers and users with Microsoft Dynamics than any other CPQ.

Beyond just a launch button on a Dynamics ribbon, Experlogix delivers deep, bi-directional integration with any Dynamics 365 Sales object and field, no coding required. And, if you have Dynamics ERP, only Experlogix offers a single CPQ solution for your front and back offices.

Our seamless Dynamics integration also includes an intuitive user experience by matching the look and feel of Dynamics 365, keeping learning curves short and satisfaction high.

A powerful solution

Administration of Experlogix CPQ offers a unique blend of simplicity, sophistication and flexibility, making it easy to learn and maintain while still allowing for the development of intricate business logic. This includes advanced pricing models, product bundles and configuration rules for all types of industries.

Experlogix enables you to adapt quickly to market changes, customer demands and internal processes so new products, price changes, promotions and other enhancements can be delivered to sales users in a timely manner to remain competitive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Experlogix CPQ lets you build sophisticated rules and pre-configured bundles that can be added to customer quotes with a single click, ensuring your business-critical quotes are always accurate.

Experlogix handles the most complex pricing and discounting configurations with ease, allowing non-technical users to create and maintain sophisticated rules and formulas without programming expertise, so your sales team delivers accurate prices at the highest possible margins each time.
As sales representatives configure a quote or order, Experlogix CPQ verifies in real-time the accuracy of each selection and instantly provides intelligent feedback via easy-to-understand pop-up messages and color-coded highlights.
See your products in stunning detail as you configure with Experlogix CPQ. From intricate configurations to immersive experiences, drive engagement like never before.

Your sales team can collaborate and eliminate bottlenecks with sales management and engineering by leveraging intelligent workflow approval requests. The Experlogix CPQ solution can trigger Microsoft Dynamics workflows for discount approvals, engineering change requests and more.

Experlogix adds powerful quote and order capabilities to Microsoft’s integrated portal solution for Dynamics 365. This enables your resellers, distributors and external sales representatives to easily and efficiently create their own quotes and orders.
Our advanced document generation functionality allows you to create, generate, manage, deliver, and e-sign highly personalized, accurate and compelling quotes and proposals, through automated and consistent processes.
Lexmark streamlines and transforms sales operations with Experlogix CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
Lexmark streamlines and transforms sales operations with Experlogix CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

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