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The Benefits of CPQ for NetSuite

The Benefits of CPQ for NetSuite

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Many small to midsize organizations looking for a highly flexible and scalable ERP solution opt for NetSuite, which features numerous add-ons and modules, as well as considerable support for integrating with other software providers. And, with its expanding partner program, the platform’s flexibility will only grow.

CPQ for NetSuite provides a number of advantages and expanded capabilities that extend the flexibility and scalability of the platform. With CPQ software integration, NetSuite gains sophisticated yet intuitive product configuration and workflow automation capabilities they can leverage to accelerate the sales process.

Transforming Processes with NetSuite Integration

As organizations scale and mature, updating legacy systems often becomes a prominent challenge. However, the efficiency gains of a fully integrated and intuitive system make it well worth the investment. And, with low/no-code solutions, training on new software investments doesn’t have to be long and complicated.

With Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite, for example, users can easily call the product configurator functionality from NetSuite Opportunities, Quotes and Orders and finalized orders can be written back to the ERP solution to ensure accuracy. A fully integrated system also allows sales teams to spend far less time on manual data entry, while having more visibility into product performance and other key information. Some of the other main benefits include:

  • Speed quote-to-order times
  • Trigger discount & other approval workflows
  • Offer guided selling
  • Create bill-of-materials and routings
  • Single sign-on to NetSuite

The last important benefit we want to cover is scalability. NetSuite itself offers numerous add-ons and modules, so you can add functionality as your needs change. With the addition of CPQ software, you can automate and speed up the order creation process and create automated workflows to ensure accurate data moves between systems.

How CPQ for NetSuite Transformed Furniture Customization

Experlogix customers face a broad range of product configuration and quoting challenges that require unique solutions and a transformation of processes to make use of automation.

For Norwalk furniture, CPQ integrated with NetSuite was the answer to these challenges. The company manufactures custom upholstered furniture, and each piece of furniture has a multitude of options. Customers can pick different colors of fabric, covers, furniture legs, as well as different materials such as leather to fully customize their order.

Norwalk’s previous system still required manual input for the team taking orders. To input an order, the team had to memorize numerous product codes and understand what the different fields in the system allowed. With CPQ for NetSuite, Norwalk can build sets of rules that enable the software to automatically determine which components can be added to a particular piece of furniture. Experlogix CPQ also automatically generates production orders to ensure correct products are delivered consistently.

“Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite allows us to customize furniture like we have never been able to customize before. It has provided our company with real value. Our partnership with NetSuite and Experlogix has been a real win for our company,” said Bryan Hamman, Cost Accounting Department at Norwalk Furniture.

As a result of leveraging Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite, Norwalk also expanded the number of furniture variations it offered, allowing customers even more choice. While expanding the product portfolio can lead to more complexity, the flexibility of Experlogix CPQ makes it simple for technical teams to add new components, dependencies and workflows as needed.

Interested in seeing CPQ in action? Contact us to request a demo or ask any questions you have.

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