The “C” in CPQ – [Part 1]

CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote, can refer to either the processes or technical solutions that form the sales process for organizations with configurable products and services. Whether you’re new to CPQ or you’re already using a solution, it helps to go back to the basics and think about both the technical tools you use and […]

The Benefits of CPQ for NetSuite

Many small to midsize organizations looking for a highly flexible and scalable ERP solution opt for NetSuite, which features numerous add-ons and modules, as well as considerable support for integrating with other software providers. And, with its expanding partner program, the platform’s flexibility will only grow. CPQ for NetSuite provides a number of advantages and […]

The Challenges of Complexity and How CPQ and Document Automation Solve Them

The complexity of B2B environments continues to grow, with factors ranging from increased customer expectations to departmental siloes contributing to the problem. Particularly as businesses scale their operations, processes and information sharing can get bogged down by competing needs — such as the pressure to maintain the same service and product quality while operating as […]

Top 5 Benefits of Using CPQ Software


As most organizations grow and expand their product lines, increase their workforce, and make other strategic investments, they come to face more complexity. Managing many customizable products can get overwhelmingly complex with growing scale. Organizations face more difficulty from issues like spreadsheet sprawl as they add new products or add customization options to existing ones. […]

What Is CPQ?

Those in the sales world are all too familiar with the process of quoting and just how problematic it can get. This is especially the case for businesses offering a wide variety of product options that can vary in price based on specifications. Traditionally, this would leave these cases to put forth their best effort […]

How Experlogix Document Automation Smart Flows Boosts Power Automate Capabilities


Sometimes you need IT expertise. But sometimes you can’t slow down your entire business because your developers are busy and not available on short notice. Fortunately, in this age of digital transformation and technological evolution, certain tasks that once required a developer are now built-in software applications, empowering non-technical users with new levels of daily […]

Get into the Flow with Document Flow Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365!


There are so many ways to mark progress in human history. In recent decades, we’ve made huge leaps in technology and capabilities that have re-defined modern life. The evolution of document generation offers a similar picture. Progress isn’t measured only by a new product, but by automated capabilities that provide dynamic functionality, such as Xpertdoc […]