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Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Harness the power of a true manufacturing product configurator to deliver complex proposals consisting of thousands of potential product and pricing rules, and fully automate the creation of individualized BOMs and routes.
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True Omni-Channel CPQ

Stay ahead of your competitors with a CPQ solution that provides a rich quote or order experience across any device or application.

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Harness OOTB D365

Complete integration with D365 Projects, Quotes and Orders are available the moment you install Experlogix. Access to the D365 Product Catalog and Price Lists is also at the ready. We don’t alter your D365 platform or force you to install custom entities or attributes. It’s all available OOTB (out-of-the-box).

Read From & Write to D365

Let’s say you need Experlogix to calculate a quote’s gross profit and you want to send that figure back to D365 for reporting purposes. With clicks (rather than coding), it’s done. What if you want Experlogix to recognize the account’s country and only display products that can be sold in that region? Within minutes, it’s done!

Lean Manufacturing

Need Lean Schedule ID’s to replace routing steps? It’s no problem with Experlogix. Utilize this industry leading functionality across your enterprise or on specific parts of the business that require Lean manufacturing. Let the production orders run with routing steps in other parts of your business.

Project Manufacturing

Configure all D365 Project transaction types, including items, hours, fees and expenses. You can set quantities, costs, prices, discounts and project workers. Experlogix also drives Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) on a D365 Project from a configuration.

One-to-Many Config ID Support

Experlogix can support one configuration to many lines of output on a project, quote or order. Each line can have a unique BOM, Routing and Lean Schedule ID.


Experlogix provides the ability to configure and extend D365 Attribute-based Inventory, including intelligent part-numbering.

Cloud or On-Premise

We give you the power of choice with the unique ability to switch between platforms anytime. We were the first to market a CPQ Cloud solution for the new Dynamics D365 cloud.

D365 Updates

When you're ready to take advantage of a new D365 release, rest assured we support the new version too - there's never a delay.

BOMs & Routings

Experlogix can produce new product items and BOMs or we can reuse existing D365 items and BOMs. Each Assembly and Item on a BOM can be dynamically added by Experlogix with an unlimited number of BOM levels inside Experlogix. Routing steps can be added in the same manner (such as custom shop floor work instructions). Sub-BOM attributes can be mapped to Experlogix, allowing you to set quantities, unit of measure, notes, etc. Sub-Route attributes like cycle time, move time, queue time and others can also be calculated by Experlogix.

We Respect the D365 UI

No matter which version of D365 you use, Experlogix matches the look of D365. Why is this important? It provides a natural transition from D365 to CPQ for your users, shortens learning curves and increases user adoption. Wish we didn’t match D365? We’ve got other skins to choose from or you can create your own.
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CPQ for Dynamics 365 for Operations

Experlogix CPQ (Configure Price Quote) - The most advanced CPQ for Dynamics 365 Cloud or On-Premise

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