Document automation for High Tech

Powerful software solution to automate your document process
Document automation for High Tech ​

Create a better, faster, document process

Automated document generation and delivery increases efficiency and saves you time
Easily automate the creation of highly personalized documents with dynamic features and business rules. Incorporate customer information, account-specific tables and charts, calculations, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and regulatory notices, resulting in relevant and compliant documents.
Out of the box integrations to enterprise core systems –, ERPs, and CRMs enable access to a wealth of information to make the creation of any document easier than ever before.
Experlogix integrates with leading electronic signature providers – DocuSign, Sertifi, OneSpan Sign, ConsignO Cloud, and Adobe Sign – so you can quickly collect secure and legally-binding signatures on time-sensitive documents, anytime, anywhere and from any connected device.

Automate contract management to minimize errors and missed deadlines.

Save time and close deals faster when you automate your contract generation and delivery process. The Template Builder with Microsoft Word add-in designs compelling data driven templates clients can e-Sign and return in a moment’s notice.

Save time and streamline document generation of multiple documents

Provide consistent personalization and attention to detail for multiple documents without the timely manual entry. Generate branded uniformed documents to easily print or email.

Find the documents without a lengthy search process

Eliminate lengthy manual searches through saved documents and increase document management and search capabilities. Use tags to easily filter items when searching to find the document you need when you need it.

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