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Experlogix Document Automation Features

Experlogix Document Automation empowers business users to streamline and automate document creation and delivery while simplifying document management.
Collect detailed customer information with Experlogix Smart Forms, plug-and-play connectors to major CRM and ERP or from your established systems. Create and combine multiple data sets in a document from custom and standard entities.

Experlogix Template Builder add-in for Microsoft Word gives you the tools you need to create dynamic, data-driven templates and define, business logic to build detailed and professional documents. Include auto-expanding tables, calculate totals, convert data to charts and, insert images, bar codes, QR codes, etc.

Experlogix’s enterprise-grade document generation technology is scalable from low-volume on-demand document generation scenarios to high-volume batch generation.
Experlogix Smart Flows are easy-to-configure, automated processes for the creation, generation, management, delivery, storage, and e-signature of business documents. Through a visual interface, you can easily build and deploy document flows leveraging conditional logic – without programming.
Our Document Services provide highly extensible automated options to process batches of document outputs. These options include server-side document assembly, PDF conversion, transformation and concatenation of Microsoft Office documents, and storage in other systems.
Experlogix’s Content Manager is a secure and structured repository that facilitates and accelerates the management, storage and retrieval of digital assets – PDF forms and documents, logos, images, and multimedia content.
Experlogix offers secure connections with DocuSign, Sertifi, OneSpan Sign, ConsignO Cloud, and Adobe Sign, enabling you to capture in minutes trusted electronic signatures on your business documents and accelerate transaction times.
Document Automation Software​

Powerful Document Automation for Your Business Users

Our document automation software allows you to create both simple and complex document templates without programming. 


Key Integrations with Your
Core Systems

Enhance your core systems with Experlogix Document Automation’s document generation and document automation capabilities.

We provide integrations with leading CRM platforms and business applications, enabling business users to create, manage and deliver data-driven and engaging documents without leaving their preferred system.


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Experlogix clients report a reduction in quote errors and time as well as improved quote accuracy. 
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Document automation refers to the processes and software used to automate document creation, as well as related tasks like sending a document for signature. It encompasses capabilities like building templates, as well as creating automated workflows and managing document versions.

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When we talk about document generation, we think of it in terms of processes and capabilities directly related to generating documents. Whereas document automation typically includes a broader range of capabilities. For example, Experlogix Document Automation supports collaboration with our document management features; users can manage versions and “check out” a document template when editing one to prevent others from working on the same document at the same time.

Experlogix Document Automation works by allowing users to build templates in Microsoft Word. It includes features such as Smart Flows, which are automated workflows that allow users to go beyond basic document generation. For example, you can create a smart flow to automatically send a customized email with a generated document attached.

With our solution’s deep integration with Word, you can build document templates of virtually any complexity, including content like text, media, graphs and analytics.

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Experlogix Document Automation does not require programming skills to use effectively. Knowledge of basic logic and Excel math is helpful, especially when building more advanced templates. However, most users can learn to build and customize basic document templates.

Experlogix Document Automation can streamline and automate virtually any routine document. This includes basic contracts and invoices as well as industry-specific use cases such as insurance policy statements.

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