A group of Experlogix partners discuss the benefits of working with the Experlogix team and their suite of business applications

Becoming an Experlogix Partner: Top 4 Benefits

Becoming an Experlogix Partner: Top 4 Benefits

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The challenges that businesses today must solve are increasingly complex, particularly as the number of different software solutions  used across the average organization continues to increase. Even in 2020, the average number of apps used across enterprise organizations reached 175, and was also high for smaller organizations at 73 apps used. When you consider that this likely includes a mixture of legacy and newer solutions, as well as cloud- and on-premise platforms, the complexity only increases.

Solving and simplifying this complexity requires a lot of varied expertise, including industry- and product-specific knowledge, experience with CRM/ERP systems and experience integrating disparate systems together. In other words, it takes a village to solve today’s technology and business challenges. That’s one of the reasons we formed our partner program, expanding the capabilities of our partners while increasing the ability to meet clients’ needs.

The Experlogix partner program consists of more than 450 VARs, OEM and technology providers around the world. We partner with organizations to provide best-in-class CPQ and document automation integration with CRM and ERP platforms and strive to help our partners succeed by enhancing their business.

Curious to know what you’ll get from becoming an Experlogix partner? Here are just some of the ways we support our partners and provide value for their customers.

1. Shared Expertise

Our partners know their businesses and their customers. We know CPQ, Document Automation and Digital Commerce. We also have deep familiarity working with CRM and ERP systems – knowledge critical to successfully implement and optimize the software. By joining the Experlogix partnership program, you can benefit from our expertise working with organizations around the world. We provide partners with a variety of resources they can use to identify customers that would benefit most from CPQ, Document Automation or Digital Commerce and continue to support them as they move forward with implementation.

2. Expanded Value for Your Services

Adding CPQ, Document Automation or Digital Commerce to your offerings helps to differentiate them and expands the value you can provide your customers. For example, many of our partners work with organizations to implement new CRM/ERP systems. For organizations with configurable products or services, CPQ software helps to maximize the ROI from these implementations. Partnering with Experlogix gives you the ability to equip your customers with industry-leading software and the ability to further streamline their operations.

3. Joint Marketing

We enjoy celebrating our partners’ and clients’ successes as much as our own. We work together with our partners to develop joint marketing campaigns, as well as a wide range of sales material, including joint press releases, webinars, social media content and case studies. Some of our favorite success stories come from working together with partners to solve complex challenges and help transform their customers’ business. When both brands come together, it makes the potential audience for those success stories even larger.

4. Become an Expert

We provide a wide range of training materials to help partners further their success with CPQ, Document Automation and Digital Commerce. Our webinars feature insight from our product, sales and industry experts, regularly sharing insight from working with our clients, as well as what we’ve learned collaborating with other partners. All the resources you need to get the most out of your partnership with Experlogix are available through an easily accessible partner portal.

Become an Experlogix Partner

One of the biggest benefits to becoming an Experlogix partner is having access to a mix of solutions that add value across the organization. Our solutions offer powerful standalone features, but they can also work together to streamline end-to-end processes and bring even more value to your clients. We work together with our partners to find the right blend of products, services and support that will solve your clients’ challenges most effectively.

Ready to add CPQ, Document Automation or Digital Commerce to your portfolio? We’d love to hear from you!

Contact us to get in touch with our partner team and let us know about some of the challenges you’re working on solving.

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Charlie Sapienza is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning multiple areas of the software industry. He is currently the Senior Director of Sales at Experlogix, where he works with a broad range of companies to enhance their sales processes. He is an expert in sales operations and business development, and he works continuously to aid companies as they grow and evolve.