United Hardware

United Hardware simplifies product discovery and catalogue management with Experlogix Digital Commerce


  • B2B sales platform provides a 20% increase in online orders
  • The extensive array of online services, including category management, document management, and account management empowers members to enhance their operational efficiency.
  • The integration with live data from the ERP system streamlines processes for members.

It became clear that their current eCommerce solution would not be scalable enough to support United’s vision of providing group members with a single login to a branded portal.


Prior to engaging with Experlogix Digital Commerce, United Hardware had an existing eCommerce solution in place, but they couldn’t manage to fully integrate the solution with their ‘SAP Business One’ ERP system. 

It became clear that their current eCommerce solution would not be scalable enough to support United’s vision of providing group members with a single login to a branded portal, the now existing ‘United Toolbox’. They planned to use the portal as a one-stop shop for group members to access the forthcoming online suite United Hardware were offering. 

It drove United Hardware to approach their SAP reseller, TeamSoft, to figure out how they could maximise their investment in SAP Business One and future-proof any further eCommerce investment. 

Teamsoft referred United Hardware to Experlogix Digital Commerce who they knew could deliver an eCommerce solution that would truly integrate with SAP Business One and who could continue to deliver on United’s long-term digital strategy and goals 


United Hardware Login

With the help of the Experlogix Digital Commerce development team, United Hardware Group has been able to develop and implement a flexible, secure and scalable digital ordering platform for their members branded the ‘United Toolbox’.  

Group members are now benefiting from this vast range of online services that are adding further value to their business. Through the United Toolbox, members have access to online resources and tools such as category management, document management, account management, query management and rebates, all of which are helping them to increase efficiencies and run their business better. 

The sites are very easy to maintain because the product and price information is synced in real-time with live data from the United Hardware master catalogue which is stored on United’s ERP system SAP Business One.  


The smooth integration facilitated by Experlogix Digital Commerce is the driving force behind the effortless catalogue management experienced by members. 

What really stands out about Experlogix Digital Commerce, is that they not only provide a highly functional state of the art platform for eCommerce, but they also make suggestions and find solutions to the complex issues we face. This is very important as it feels like we have invested in not only a software provider but a real business partner and solutions provider.

The success of United Toolbox has allowed United Hardware the time to focus on more value-added activities such as relationship management and building support services.They offer members expert guidance on other important areas of their business such as store design, store layout, marketing activities, and running promotional offers.

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