Time Products (UK)

Time Products (UK) Ltd choose the Experlogix Digital Commerce for SAP Business One to sell luxury watch brands Sekonda, Seksy, Accurist & Limit to their UK customer base


  • Real-time pricing, stock, and account data from SAP Business One, reduced manual order processing, and enriched customer service.
  • Progressing their B2B eCommerce vision, Time Products added a branded customer app, elevating customer service standards.

Incorporating Experlogix Digital Commerce has revolutionized the order placement process for Time Products.

Time Products (UK) Ltd is a well-known distributor of luxury watch brands around the world.

Amongst other brands they distribute renowned watch brands Sekonda, Seksy, Accurist and Limit.

The global watch distributor was founded in 1938 and specialise in the sale of Swiss luxury timepieces.


Time Products (UK)

Time Products (UK) ltd needed to digitise their sales ordering process to service their ever-growing UK B2B customer base. 

Having already improved many areas of the business with a move to SAP Business One, the next obvious step was to enhance their sales ordering process and customer service with a move away from resource-heavy manual order processing and customer account management. 

Ongoing attempts at achieving this goal were proving lengthy, costly and not yielding the desired results.


Secure Digital Future:  

Embracing Experlogix Digital Commerce has ensured a secure digital future for Time Products. The perpetually updated software and comprehensive SaaS suite, encompassing ecommerce, mobile, and eProcurement solutions, position the company at the forefront of digital innovation, adaptable to evolving market demands. 

Real-time Integration:  

The integration of Experlogix with SAP Business One has proven to be a game-changer for Time Products. Live access to pricing, stock, and account information directly from SAP Business One, along with seamless order placement within both the ecommerce and app solutions, has streamlined business processes, notably reduced manual order processing efforts, and enchanced customer service. 


Incorporating Experlogix Digital Commerce has revolutionized the order placement process for Time Products. They have witnessed a remarkable reduction in operational time and effort by seamlessly integrating direct orders into SAP Business One. The need for rekeying information has become obsolete, freeing up valuable resources and minimizing the risk of errors. 

With pricing, stock and my account information live from SAP Business One from both the eCommerce and app solutions, Time products and their customers are set for success with improved business processes and enhanced customer service. 

Armed with the capabilities of Experlogix Digital Commerce, Time Products can now propel their vision for B2B eCommerce, complemented by the addition of a personalised customer app. This strategic move has significantly elevated their customer service initiatives, fostering even stronger client relationships. 

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