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OIM Orthopedie Optimizes Order Intake and Creates Exceptional Customer Experience


  • Full access to all data in one place in real-time.
  • Portal functions entirely on the web - accessible via desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • No additional third-party database - CPQ acts as a smart bridge between existing data sources.
  • Role-based access allows receptionists and advisors to request different information while seeing the most relevant view of the customer.
  • Robust quote-to-order functionality.

“Since implemented, CPQ has cut the time spent on order intake from 10 minutes to only minutes, providing plenty of extra time during the typical 15-minute appointment.”

OIM Orthopedie offers custom orthopedic solutions that help their customers live comfortably, independently, and stylishly despite a personal injury. They offer a wide range of devices, from prosthetic arms and legs to orthopedic shoes and compression aids.


As a reseller, OIM prioritizes how they serve their customers. With participation in over 50 rehabilitation clinics and hospitals and 28 standalone locations across The Netherlands, OIM advisors see hundreds of patients each day. They promise professional advice, quality service, fast delivery, and clear information at every stage in the selection process, leading to an ideal product to satisfy their customers’ ambitions for living. To continue to fulfill this promise in 2020 and beyond, OIM sat down to redefine its IT landscape around Dynamics NAV, so that advisors would have the most straightforward, most effective systems to drive stellar customer experience.


A patient, Linda, calls OIM to reserve an appointment for Medical Compression socks. The assistant she talks to creates a new account for her and requests some necessary information. When Linda arrives at an OIM location, her advisor can call her by name and knows some general facts about what she needs. All customer history and additional information from Dynamics NAV are visible during the visit within CPQ.

Over 100,000 different sock products are available, so the portal requests various data, including measurements, color choice, features, and health requirements. Linda’s advisor goes over these questions with her, using the guiding information within CPQ to fill in her knowledge gaps of the extensive offerings at her disposal.

The appointment proceeds more like a conversation than a medical appointment. For instance, Linda mentioned early on that she would sometimes work long hours at the office, and her advisor could begin by selecting professional attire. The remaining options automatically adjusted according to what Linda found most important and meaningful.

In one part of the appointment, Linda stands on a scanning machine that uses cameras to measure her legs quickly. Her precise specifications are available instantly within her advisor’s CPQ window (JSON messaging), so they can continue their conversation to find the best product, configured precisely for Linda.

When they complete, the advisor taps a button that sends all order documentation to the back office, automatically collected and checked. If required, the system will alert the appropriate staff to check the order manually, but in most cases, orders are given the green light and automatically sent to the right supplier at the right time.


Since implemented, CPQ has cut the time spent on order intake from 10 minutes to only 3 minutes, providing plenty of extra time during the typical 15-minute appointment. OIM chooses for its advisors to spend the spare time on details, such as helping patients get changed and discussing daily use of their new stockings. These added service details improve Linda’s purchase experience and teach her how to get the most value from her purchase. Both improve satisfaction and ease, increasing the likelihood of earning Linda’s repeat business, and additional referrals.  

OIM wanted its customer experience to be as simple as possible. This meant they required systems integration: a single source of truth where information could be stored, changed, and made visible from many different applications and devices. CPQ integrates systems and shows only relevant information so advisors can become customer-oriented instead of system-oriented.

The progressive vision of what customer service can look like when driven by integrated systems will make OIM Orthopedics a premium service for decades to come.

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