Klipspringer Achieves Impressive Growth and Efficiency with Experlogix Digital Commerce


  • Enhancing Customer Experience for WebShop Services' 4500 Customers
  • Accelerating Growth by 20-30% through Online Accounts
  • Maximizing Order Processing Efficiency: Streamlining Online Orders for Reduced Manual Effort and Faster Delivery
  • Exponential Growth in Order Value and Volume: A Remarkable 350% Increase in Value and Over 300% Increase in Volume in Three Years

Klipspringer's partnership with Experlogix Digital Commerce has resulted in 20-30% growth, 350% increase in value, and 300% increase in volume.

Klipspringer are specialists in food safety, hygiene and visual management compliance solutions and work with leading brands in the food and beverage industries across the UK and Ireland, including McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Muller to name but a few.

With final product integrity vital in food and beverage manufacturing, standards are high, market conditions are demanding and margin for error is practically non-existent. The Klipspringer team drives continuous improvement projects to minimise downtime, improve efficiency, reduce consumable expenditure, and improve compliance.


With customer expectations and marketplace demands growing for digital B2B ordering, Klipspringer wanted to offer easy ordering to their customers. The growing demand for manufacturers to provide a direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales channel was one they also wanted to explore. And with excellence and efficiency at the core for Klipspringer, they needed a digital ordering solution to match, providing the same great customer service and accurate customer specific information their customers were accustomed to.

With their extensive range of products and variations in product options, having this presented in a format customers could easily navigate and was up-to-date pricing, stock and customer account information was key. Selling in a D2C market made this need even stronger. Offering quotations is a vital part of their B2B set-up, so any digital solution they choose would also need to be able to handle this very well. Future compliance with their ERP software and the ability to grow and scale with Klipspringer was a key-decider for them also.


Real-Time Integration

Klipspringer chose Experlogix Digital commerce WebShop providing real time integration with their ERP system. Tight ERP integration means great customer service with anytime anywhere ordering, accurate data, and my-account information, as well as drastically reducing order processing times and costs to the business.  The secure SaaS platform can sell to multiple sales channels such as B2B and D2C, both of which Klipspringer needed.

Product information including specifications & compliance documents are also an important part of the buyer journey for Klipspringer. WebShop allows for this information to be easily displayed and also synced with the ERP for even easier management. Quotations are a key part of the business. Working with the ERP system, Experlogix Digital Commerce allows their customers to retrieve and accept quotes, resulting in even more sales orders going in real-time to their ERP system.

Scalable and Future-proof

The platform also can extend as a business grows and scales, offering future-ready solutions such as procurement tools and mobile apps, while still guaranteeing future compatibility with their ERP system.

Seamless Product Search and Catalogue Management

Product search is also hugely important to Klipspringer with their extensive product range. With WebShop, they make use of flexible catalog management & search features, filters, and the ability to search on keywords, SKU codes or alternative names for the same product. D2C and B2B users can search in the way that suits them best. Our WebShop offered Klipspringer a comprehensive platform that perfectly accommodated their unique pricing and discounting structures, including complex aspects such as quantity and configurable elements of products and pack sizes. This capability alone set us apart from the alternatives and positioned us as the ideal solution for Klipspringer needs.

“Choosing Digital Commerce made it much easier than starting from nothing – the alternative was a complex, risky, and expensive bespoke build. Experlogix Digital Commerce could also accommodate pricing and discounting structure which was complex including Qty and configurable element of products and pack sizes”

Sam Smith, Sales & Marketing Director


Since implementing Digital Commerce WebShop, Klipspringer has experienced outstanding growth in their business. Their orders by value have increased by a staggering 350% over the past three years, and this upward trend shows no signs of slowing down. In addition, their orders by volume have grown by over 300% during the same period.

One of the key advantages of Digital Commerce WebShop is the significant improvement in order processing efficiency. By leveraging our solution, Klipspringer has reduced manual effort and accelerated their order fulfillment process, resulting in faster delivery times and enhanced customer satisfaction. This streamlined approach has enabled Klipspringer to handle a larger volume of orders without compromising on quality or speed.

However, Klipspringer success is not solely attributed to increased order volume. They understand that customer retention is crucial to sustained growth. Leveraging Digital Commerce WebShop, Klipspringer has witnessed remarkable growth in their online account customer segment, surpassing the growth rates of other customer segments by 20-30%. This achievement highlights the tremendous value that Digital Commerce brings to their operations and their ability to drive both growth and efficiency.

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