Equipment Manufacturer Molds Consistency, Accuracy Into Their Global Business


  • Quote and order development for all business units handled by a single, global, integrated system.
  • Centrally managed model and pricing ensures one-set of numbers is applied consistently worldwide.
  • Top management has global visibility to the status of all quotes and sales.
  • Global user access has more than doubled.
  • 100% return on investment (ROI) already achieved.
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.
Bolton, ON, Canada
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. is the world’s largest brand name supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. We design and manufacture a broad range of injection molding machines, hot runners, robots, molds and integrated systems. We have more than 40 service and sales offices, employ over 4,000 people worldwide and support customers in more than 100 countries. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Austria and China.

“The system is very flexible, easy to use, and reliable for our global sales teams – and has already returned more than a 100% return on investment.”


Founded in 1953 in a Toronto garage, Husky started out as a small machine shop. It quickly found its niche specializing in the making of quality injection molds for thin wall plastic containers. Husky Injection Molding Systems is now one of the world’s largest suppliers of injection molding equipment to the plastics industry with more than forty service and sales offices supporting customers in more than 100 countries.

As the company expanded to include five major business units with manufacturing plants in Canada, the United States, Luxemburg, and China, so did the complexity and demands of its quote/order processes. By 2010, Husky personnel were using seven different standalone systems to build customer quotes for its broad array of products.

“A quote for a new system typically include machine, molds, axillaries, startup services, freight and then there are options, specials and spares totaling up to 200 products per one quote,” says Sergiy Fomenko, Sales Effectiveness Project Manager.

“Getting one unified quote was hard because the outputs were different for all seven systems,” says Terry Solomon, Sales Support Manager. “Keeping price and product data current was a major challenge.” The cumbersome process caused errors and delayed delivery of quotes to customers.

Successfully pushing price quotes to the field was an onerous task. “It involved coordinating teams in over 100 countries worldwide,” says Fomenko. “Once a quote is accepted by a customer, it’s too late to update to the most current pricing.”

The process was cumbersome and riddled with errors which delayed deliveries of customer quotes. And corporate management had no visibility to global quoting in terms of how many quotes had been made, and how many were accepted.

“The system is very flexible, easy to use, and reliable for our global sales teams – and has already returned more than a 100 percent return on investment.”

Sergiy Fomenko, Sales Support Manager at Husky

With the release of Windows 7, the company lost support – and essentially access – to massive amounts of data in two of its core systems: Access and Microsoft Excel. Management decided it was time to move to a new, totally integrated, technology platform. The platform was to be Microsoft based, critically relying on Share Point, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


After an intensive review of several configurator vendors, Husky selected Experlogix to a critical component of its new global pricing technology platform. The configurator is model-based with rules, component definitions, and pricing centrally maintained. User access is available directly within Dynamics CRM to everyone across the company’s extended global network.

“Experlogix is quite flexible and user friendly,” Solomon says. “There are many ways to go about consolidating information you need, and the speed and ease of that, and the confidence it provides management is a significant improvement over what we had before.” Quotes and reports can be built by multiple methods or by using a combination of functions, including formulas, tables, pricing properties, and more.

“Overall, Experlogix personnel were very supportive, helping us through the initial launch,” says Fomenko. “The lead Experlogix repimplementation engineer was extremely knowledgeable about all business requirements, and how the technology could be used to achieve what we needed.”


One of the biggest benefits to date is the visibility provided to senior management to the whole quote and order process. And the confidence they have that all quote information is consistent and accurate and universally applied.

“The system is also very flexible, easy to use, and reliable for our global sales teams,” says Fomenko. He states that the comprehensive new pricing platform has already returned more than 100 percent ROI.

The number of people using the system has more than doubled, touching the jobs of over 1,000 individuals as more departments have been drawn to use it, Including people in sales, sales support, marketing communications, marketing products, operations/manufacturing, material planning, services and logistics teams.

Husky is looking to improve forecasts that will lead to shorter lead times and smaller inventory costs – all which will contribute to its greater competitiveness, and provide improved benefits to its customers.

“Now that the implementation has been completed, the company is planning how to gain greater return from the solution. We are already thinking about how to enhance sales forecast accuracy, order entry validity, material planning and warehouse management, logistics and incoterms, custom products quotes, product specification forms and checklists,” he says. “More accurate and centrally controlled quote data saves many thousands of dollars of unnecessary expenses, increases company revenue and provides greater business intelligence to make more informed decisions.”

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“With our improved data integrity, we have better knowledge of what our dealers or sales reps are selling (or not selling).”
“Our dealers could be sitting on the showroom floor with a laptop or at a boat show with a tablet, and configure a complex order with Experlogix CPQ.”
“We can configure new products on the fly. And with the rules we have built, the solution will immediately tell us whether new products are profitable.”