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GroupHEALTH Boosts Optional Coverage Sales with Experlogix Document Automation Smart Forms


  • 5000% increase in sales of optional coverage
  • 25% reduced cost of managing enrollments
  • Improved customer experience

“In just the first two months of using Experlogix Document Automation, we have reduced our cost to manage enrollments by 20% to 25%.”

Jim Moore. Chief Operating Officer at GroupHEALTH

GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions is an employee benefit plan administrator based in British Columbia, Canada. They work with companies and associations nationwide to enroll members in benefit plans and administer programs for medical, dental, disability, and life insurance coverage.


GroupHEALTH relied on a manual paper-based benefit enrollment process that had a negative impact on customer experience, and was labor-intensive and inefficient.

GroupHEALTH printed and distributed enrollment packets to register their client’s employees (enrollees) for company-supplied benefits. Enrollees laboriously completed the paper forms and returned them to their employers. The completed paper forms were sent to GroupHEALTH where the information was entered into a database. The paper-based method was fraught with errors. GroupHEALTH employees and company benefit coordinators had to research and resolve missing or conflicting information, and in many cases, poor handwriting made it difficult to capture accurate data.

They realized they could improve enrollee experiences and save money by implementing digital transformation techniques such as automation and intelligence. They called upon Experlogix to help them solve theses challenges.

Difficulty reading handwritten forms, like misspelling a member’s name, can impact the enrollees months later. A member might be denied drug coverage by a pharmacy if their name doesn’t match the insurance records. That causes unnecessary stress and creates negative customer impressions.

Jim Moore
Chief Operating Officer at GroupHEALTH


Smart Forms Generate Huge Improvements

GroupHEALTH implemented a modern solution based on Experlogix’s Smart Form technology. At benefit enrollment time, each client employee receives an email invitation with a link to relevant online enrollment forms. The Smart Form leads the enrollee through the online process, capturing all the required information and resolving conflicting data in real time.

Experlogix Smart Forms make use of known data to control information presentment. Unlike the generic paper forms, the online enrollment system no longer exposes enrollees to irrelevant content. This caused confusion in the past when enrollees mistakenly assumed their company plans included coverage not offered by their employers.

The online enrollment solution has reduced errors. GroupHEALTH is not required to read hand-printed documents and the system automatically prompts enrollees to supply missing information. The Smart Form notices inconsistencies, such as when an enrollee selects family coverage but neglects to provide information about their dependents.

A Big Win – Selling Optional Coverage

Experlogix realized they could assist GroupHEALTH even more by using their technology to aid the company in their efforts to sell optional coverage.

Under the old process, enrollees had to complete additional paper forms to purchase optional products. The forms required enrollees to submit much of the same information they had already entered on the regular benefit enrollment forms. Predictably, sales of these products were quite low. Enrollees didn’t understand the benefits of the optional coverage, or they ignored the forms completely.

In the online enrollment solution, employees watch a two-minute video that explains the advantages of the available optional coverage. The Smart Form computes the cost of the products based on previously acquired data and asks employees if they want to buy them through payroll deduction. Enrollees are not required to furnish any additional data to purchase the extra coverage.


Compressed enrollment processing time allows GroupHEALTH to deliver a more satisfying customer experience, process more clients in less time during the busy open enrollment period, and ultimately get the enrollees their coverage faster. The company estimates that in just the first two months, they have reduced their cost to manage enrollments by 20% to 25%. The advantages of the online enrollment process based on Experlogix Smart Forms have prompted GroupHEALTH to roll the solution out to all their divisions.

Plus, the Smart Forms technology has eliminated one of the optional coverage sales barriers entirely; duplicate data-gathering. The explainer video has addressed the other impediment; poorly communicated product benefits. This has increased sales of optional coverage by 5000%. What was once barely registering in the books is now a contributing revenue source for GroupHEALTH and their brokers.

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