Reducing complexity and cutting time-to-quote by over 90% with Experlogix CPQ


  • Streamlining complex configuration process
  • Quote generation reduced from 25 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Simplified workflows
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Increased cost savings

“Experlogix is making things easier for our newcomers – removing the reliance on tribal knowledge. It’s been a great part of the software.”

Roland Proske, Head of IT and Digital at FotoFinder

FotoFinder Systems was founded in 1991. FotoFinder is specialized in manufacturing high-quality, cutting-edge medical imaging systems for dermatology, plastic surgery and clinical research. It is a pioneer and global leader in the field of medical imaging systems.


FotoFinder is a renowned global provider of cutting-edge skin imaging technology that has been providing innovative imaging solutions for over 30 years. In that time, the team has grown from a team of five to a staff of over one hundred.

Whereas once the company dealt with manufacturing cameras and the relatively simple software elements, nowadays FotoFinder has a much more complex device and AI software. The result is a combination of complex hardware and software modules.

As the complexity of its products increased with the business’ maturity, the team also began to face challenges in configuring and quoting orders accurately. It was this complexity coupled with the growth the company was experiencing that meant new sales team members could take as long as six months to fully get used to generating quotes quickly and accurately. The switch to hybrid working also meant team members were working from a cloud-based system, which meant needing a much quicker system for configuration.

The company knew it needed a solution. That’s when Roland Proske, Head of IT and Digital at FotoFinder, set out to find a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) that could transform the business’ way of working.


Initially, FotoFinder considered creating its own solution. “The company is small enough (100 headcount) that we try to take care of things ourselves,” says Roland. “We spoke to Salesforce developers about designing our own CPQ. But as soon as you start to go down that road you realise just how huge and complex of an undertaking it is.”

After doing his research, Roland discovered Experlogix and requested a demo. He was put in touch with a representative right away. For Roland, it was important he didn’t feel like he was just being sold to – that FotoFinder’s priorities were being put first.

“When we got in touch, it didn’t feel like we were dealing with a salesperson. You don’t feel that pressure from Experlogix.” Roland says. Roland ensured other members of his team were involved in Experlogix’s demonstrations and that it was the right solution for everyone involved before making a decision.

The implementation project began in early 2022. The FotoFinder team received comprehensive training from Experlogix on the CPQ software, allowing them to work with their own configurations, ask questions, and brainstorm solutions to emerging challenges. “The training was really well done,” says Roland. “You just get so much out of it, and as we went through the training a lot of ideas came up and we talked about ways to solve them right away.”

The team at FotoFinder is still discovering new ways to push the boundaries of Experlogix’s software. And it’s creating quite the buzz, according to Roland, who says that there are team members outside of the current rollout who ‘can’t wait’ to get started with it.

Roland says he explored other solutions, but that once he and his team saw Experlogix’s system and its capabilities, they recognised the value in it.

“You just can’t get the possibilities you can see with Experlogix. With other solutions, you’re going to hit a boundary really soon. With Experlogix, those limits never came up.”


The implementation of Experlogix’s CPQ solution has been felt positively throughout the organisation.

By streamlining the complex configuration process, FotoFinder has reduced the learning curve for new employees. The time required to become proficient in generating accurate quotes decreased significantly, enabling faster response times to customer inquiries. And whereas quotes once took an average of 25 minutes, FotoFinder’s integration of Experlogix CPQ software means it now takes just two minutes on average – a 92% reduction in administrative work for their sales team.

The days of taking six months to get used to generating quotes quickly and accurately are long gone, according to Roland.

With simplified workflows, enhanced flexibility, and increased cost savings, FotoFinder has established a solid foundation for continued growth and success in its market.

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