Experlogix Adds Digital Commerce to Its Product Suite

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Experlogix, whose revenue acceleration solutions simplify the most complex business processes, has brought Aphix Software, the premier digital commerce platform for frictionless customer ordering into the Experlogix suite of solutions.

Aphix and its products will join the Experlogix suite as Experlogix Digital Commerce, alongside best-in-class Experlogix CPQ and Experlogix Document Automation.

“Aphix and Experlogix have the same goal — to provide solutions to our clients that make it easier for their customers to buy from them,” said Bill Fox, CEO at Experlogix. “With Experlogix Digital Commerce, clients now have the opportunity to bring their business completely online for real-time ordering, no matter how complex their product is, all within the systems they already use.”

As the newest addition to Experlogix’s suite of revenue acceleration solutions, Experlogix Digital Commerce will soon integrate to Microsoft Dynamics and natively integrates with ERP systems including SAP, Sage, Intaact and others, creating the fastest, simplest digital commerce experience for businesses and their customers. The new offering uniquely leverages real-time product information, pricing, stock availability, customer account information and more to seamlessly power multi-channel sales, through automated web stores and streamlined procurement processes.

Graham O’Rourke, CEO at Aphix Software, said, “Businesses are scrambling to meet customer expectations for intuitive and easy digital buying experiences — a challenge that usually requires stringing together multiple solutions, which leaves gaps in data and creates risk for business continuity.”

“For businesses to move faster than ever before, companies need a digital commerce solution that is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with and simplify even the most complex ordering needs,” O’Rourke said. “Experlogix Digital Commerce, combined with Experlogix CPQ and Experlogix Document Automation, brings businesses the technology and expertise to exceed customer expectations, completely out of the box.”

About Experlogix

Experlogix develops a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed to create outstanding customer experiences, while making the entire buying process simpler and easier. Headquartered in the United States and the Netherlands, clients around the world achieve unprecedented efficiency, while doing more to impress and delight their customers.

Experlogix solutions include:

Experlogix designs its software to scale and adapt with the needs of its clients, making it easier to expand into new sales channels, expand product offerings as well as communicate with customers. Its suite of business applications can be used as standalone products or leveraged together to fully streamline end-to-end processes.