2023 Document Automation and CPQ Trends Report

2023 Document Automation and CPQ Trends Report

Business leaders are feeling the pressure from increasing employee and customer expectations. At the same time, the need to be hyper efficient has never been greater — instability in the supply chain and other macro-economic factors have put a major focus on optimization.

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Organizations aren’t helpless in the face of these large-scale challenges, though. Increasingly, business leaders are looking toward their technology investments to deliver ROI that goes above and beyond the bottom line. They want tools that empower employees and that help them do more for their customers, while still increasing revenue and driving efficiency.

In our 2023 Document Automation and CPQ Trends report, we explored how decision makers are responding to these challenges, expectations on software vendors, as well as the role of document automation and CPQ solutions in shaping the employee experience.

We identified four major trends:

  • Software security and accessibility will be major focus areas for 2023.
  • It’s about investing all the way down.
  • Empowering employees is a cause for optimism.
  • It’s the little things.

This report also covers the major challenges to implementation, the major qualities business leaders are looking for in vendors and the most important features in Document Automation and CPQ software.

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