10 Must-haves of a Fail-proof Document Generation Strategy

This ebook covers the 10 must-haves of a document generation strategy companies implement to increase internal efficiencies, lower costs, and improve customer communications and experience, highlighting the critical role of a document generation and document automation solution like Experlogix.

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We used to associate documents only with paper. This was an easy concept. Because they existed physically, it was obvious where documents started and stopped, and how they were generated and distributed.

In the digital age, documents have undergone a radical transition. New types of documents – PDF or Word documents, in-app messages, HTML pages, etc. – aren’t constrained by the limitations of format and distribution we lived with when paper documents were the only choice.

As enabling as all the technology and communication channel developments have been, they have made document generation more difficult for companies to manage. In a modern business today, employees, vendors, partners, regulators, and customers interact with documents through a variety of devices operating within multiple environments; these entities expect to easily access their documents in multiple formats from a device of their choice. This sometimes requires organizations to modify some or all their documents, bringing great document generation challenges as they try to adapt to the latest trends.

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