Document Automation for Manufacturing

Generate, manage, and deliver accurate and professional invoices, status reports, PRDs and records with optimal efficiency.
Document automation for manufacturing

Automate document-centric processes across your manufacturing organization

Bring automation and efficiency beyond the factory floor. Optimize your routine for the generation, management, and delivery of any documents across sales, order, distribution, service, and more.
Experlogix provides seamless integrations to leading CRM platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and SugarCRM, enabling you to increase efficiency by automating consistent workflows for the generation, management, delivery, and e-signature of critical manufacturing documents.
Our solutions can be easily combined with enterprise core systems – CRM, ERP, CPQ, and invoicing – and many applications, letting you access the most current, accurate and real-time information to make the creation of highly personalized, professional and compelling business documents easier than ever before.

Experlogix integrates with leading electronic signature providers – DocuSign, Sertifi, OneSpan Sign, ConsignO Cloud, and Adobe Sign – so you can quickly collect secure and legally-binding signatures on your manufacturing documents, whether you are on the road or at the office, accelerating transaction times.

Document automation for manufacturing
CRM platform, SugarCRM

Streamline your order fulfillment process with customer order generation

During the order fulfillment process, instantly generate required order documents in PDF format, including customer information from each record. You can then automatically attach important documents to the corresponding CRM record to email to your fulfillment team for picking and packing.

Digitize your service report process, from creation to signature and archival

Automated flows trigger the generation of a template-based service report that incorporates the job details and customer signature. The generated digital document is automatically sent to the customer via email and archived in your system.

Create highly personalized, data-driven sales quotes

Assemble professional documents that combine accurate and relevant customer data found in your CRM system – account information, primary contact information, purchased products, language variations, terms and conditions, warranties, and more.

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