Document Automation for Heavy Equipment

Automatically generate and deliver detailed data-driven documents saving time and increasing efficiency.

Create and manage your documents in one centralized location

Generate offers, spec sheets, safety instructions, manuals and more with data pulled from multiple sources. Dynamic data fields incorporate information into your document to minimize errors. 

Experlogix Document Automation automates the creation of all document types with dynamic features, rules and conditional formatting. Configure complex workflows to automatically incorporate equipment specific specs, instructional information, and more resulting in accurate and detailed custom documents.

The Experlogix Template Builder add-in for Microsoft Word gives you the tools you need to create professional dynamic documents without programming knowledge. Generate charts, include bar codes and QR codes and add high quality images for eye catching, engaging documents 

Experlogix Document Automation multi-language support can be used to make different language variants of the same template. Create instructional manuals in multiple languages or automatically generate spec sheets in a languages based on the country selected. 


Access the latest version of any document

Template versioning helps you track changes and updates in any document. Open an older version of a document and easily update model numbers, part descriptions and more to create a new document without losing the original. Access any version of a manual to compare and see where changes have been made, resulting in improved document quality and compliance

Manage and store documents for easy retrieval

Experlogix Content Manager is a secure and structured repository that facilitates and accelerates the management, storage and retrieval of old and new documents and assets such as logos/images. Store PDF, doc, docx, HTML, rtf, png files and more. Detailed logging and reporting allow you to find and manage all your documents and assets in one central location.

Automate the output and delivery of manuals and spec sheets

Build and automate flows for efficient generation, management, and delivery of all documents. Our SmartFlows feature allows you to automatically include images, dates, and model numbers in any document. Configure Smart Flows to attach manuals to completed order emails and improve the customer experience.

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