Transform Your Sales Process With 3D Visualization for Your Configurations.

Man on a computer using 2D and 3D Visualization in CPQ software to configure an engine

Get visibility of product changes during configuration after every selection.

Experlogix 3D Visualization improves the sales process, empowering sales to show configuration changes as your clients select their preferred options. Ensure that your clients know exactly what they’re buying by offering greater clarity to help close deals faster.

Instant Product Visualization

Visual changes in product configurations minimize errors and offer clarity on the spot when selecting options. Change the color, width, or lengths, add or remove parts and show different variations of a product to bring your clients’ ideas to life and sell more efficiently.
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3D Interaction

Explore all aspects of any configuration using a fast, intuitive and responsive interface. Use the mouse to rotate, zoom or pan to see all sides of a product as it’s being configured.

Get to yes faster, by giving clients assurance and certainty with product configurations they’ve been able to personally edit and see in 3D with real-time changes and animation.

CAD Exports

Enhance quotes with templated part drawings, vector images, and/or download 3D standard CAD formats. Automatically generate lightweight STEP or BIM files from a configuration and download for use in other applications. Allow clients to see approved configurations in contracts, quotes or presentations.
Screenshot of Experlogix CPQ software configuring a yellow conveyor belt using 2D and 3D Visualization on a laptop

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