Exploring Price in CPQ + A Look into Guided Selling – [Part 2]

In this podcast episode, Experlogix Sr. Sales Director Bert de Vries and the Sirocco team delve into the Price component of CPQ. They discuss how pricing features in CPQ software can drastically lower the complexity of creating orders, as well as other advanced features you should consider to ensure that pricing is done accurately. Some […]

How Document Automation Enables Self-Service Reporting at Scale

One of the trends that has emerged from the increasing adoption of digital and cloud technologies is the rise of self-service, where business users can make use of advanced technology without IT involvement. In the world of finance, for example, Gartner recognized self-service data and analytics as one of the top drivers of employee productivity […]

Exploring CPQ: An Experlogix Podcast… Coming Soon!

You asked, we listened. In today’s ultra-competitive market and the ability to create custom products and services with a flip of a switch, CPQ software has helped shape the current business landscape where anyone, anywhere, can SELL AT THE SPEED OF NOW! With that in mind, Experlogix is very pleased to announce the launch of […]

Five Ways Experlogix Document Automation Adds Value to SugarCRM


In business, managing documents can seem like a big ball of yarn. One reason companies of all sizes need and use a CRM (customer relationship management) system is to transform that ball of yarn into a solution that delivers the best customer experience (CX), drives sales, streamlines marketing emails, and keep customers coming back. A […]

Get into the Flow with Document Flow Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365!


There are so many ways to mark progress in human history. In recent decades, we’ve made huge leaps in technology and capabilities that have re-defined modern life. The evolution of document generation offers a similar picture. Progress isn’t measured only by a new product, but by automated capabilities that provide dynamic functionality, such as Xpertdoc […]

Five Reasons Why OEMing Boosts Business for Software Resellers


“Want fries with that?” How many times have we heard the familiar offer of a combo? It is nearly impossible to get just one item from a drive-thru without being offered more, because technically it is a better deal. Behold – an everyday example of bundling, a marketing strategy that offers the customer complementary products […]

Get Your SaaS On – Five Reasons Why Software-as-a-Service Is Here to Stay


There’s a traditional notion of “why rent, when you can buy?” That conventional thinking could apply to a house, since you are “paying someone else’s mortgage.” Ownership can be perceived as more desirable than renting. But there are additional costs to owning something – and besides, things change. In the business intelligence software world, cloud-based […]