Hearing Aid Product and Services Company Delivers Increased Efficiency and Improved Customer Service to the Healthcare Market


  • Reduction in quote generation time from 5+ minutes to instantaneous.
  • Rapid training and onboarding of new employees without having to teach the complexities of insurance industry policies and rules.
  • Competitive advantage in offering a turnkey quoting solution to our network members.
  • Increased control and security of business systems access.
  • Quick response to new pricing changes and ability to manage the system on our own.
Lifestyle Hearing Corporation
Guelph, ON, Canada
Formed in 2008, the Lifestyle Hearing Network unites North America’s leading independent healthcare clinics. Operating hearing loss clinics throughout the U.S. and Canada, Lifestyle Hearing helps to identify hearing deficiencies and recommend the right type of hearing aid solution for consumers.

“One of the best aspects of our decision to go with Experlogix has been the team of people. They are one of the best vendors I have ever worked with.”


Lifestyle Hearing approaches the hearing loss market from two distinct channels: first as a business-to-consumer (B2C) retailer with multiple clinic locations providing hearing aid products and services directly to consumers, and secondarily as a business-to-business (B2B) services company supporting a network of health care clinics that have a focus on hearing loss treatment. With more than 140 audiology network clinic members throughout North America, Lifestyle Hearing’s B2B and B2C businesses have seen tremendous growth. Success in the market has added business complexities for Lifestyle Hearing.

Previously, the typical customer experience was to come into a clinic for a hearing evaluation and get their hearing tested. A technician would document the results, and then work to propose an appropriate solution, resulting in a quote or an order from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This process was time consuming and cumbersome, leading to an excessive customer wait time.

“The complexity of our quotes and orders is based primarily around our pricing,” says Franco Butera, Director of IT for North America at Lifestyle Hearing. “In addition to the product types, there can be multiple payers and insurers, government agencies, and other variables that factor into the customer price. All pricing information was stored in a remote Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and had to be synchronized with Dynamics CRM. When the parameters were entered into our customize quoting system it could take 5 minutes or longer to get a price. Customer service suffered while the customer waited for a quote.”

Even with the customized quoting system’s ability to capture many of the pricing variables, there were still many pricing parameters that were not able to be modeled in the old system. “Historically, we had to train the clinic staff on the how the insurance and other third party payers systems worked and essentially educate them on the insurance business model and the associated pricing matrices,” says Butera.

“One of the best aspects of our decision to go with Experlogix has been the team of people. They are one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with.”

Franco Butera, Director of IT North America at Lifestyle Hearing


“We were expended a considerable amount of time in our technician training efforts with the old system,” continues Butera. “It could take several weeks to ensure the new employee memorized the pricing policies and was pricing quotes correctly. With Experlogix CPQ, training on the insurance industry and the pricing matrices has been completely eliminated. No more guessing or worrying if quotes were being priced correctly. All of those complexities were taken out of the process and are now modeled in Experlogix.”

Today, all clinic information is being captured in Dynamics CRM, including appointment scheduling, the documentation of the examination and tracking of the testing results, and ultimately the configuration and generation of a quote when needed. ”With Experlogix you can just move right to the next step in completing the sale, it’s just fill in the Quote – click – Order – click – Invoice – click- and the customer is on their way,” says Butera.

“Training new staff is very easy today, it’s just a matter of teaching them how to use Dynamics CRM. All of the complexities are handled for them by Experlogix. They no longer need to know how the pricing works. We can just add a new insurance payer and Experlogix will calculate the right price,” says Butera.


Although Dynamics NAV is still used to store the base product information, clinics are no longer dependent on Dynamics NAV connectivity for the generation of a quote. All information can be processed directly out of Dynamics CRM and Experlogix. The customer no longer experiences the long delay to find out the price of a hearing aid. Quotes are generated instantaneously.

“One of the best aspects of our decision to go with Experlogix has been the team of people. They are one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with,” says Butera. “Everyone at Experlogix has been great. They listen, they respond quickly to our requests, and they are always available. We’re in a business where everything is constantly changing and always under a very tight timeline, and they make sure they conform to our schedule and our needs.”

“Experlogix CPQ is a system that is easy for us to maintain ourselves,” continues Butera. “Experlogix is designed so we are able to give users access only to the specific areas of the system needed for maintaining the pricing. Previously we were forced to give users access to the entire Dynamics NAV system.”

”We believe our Dynamics CRM/Experlogix CPQ solution will give us a significant competitive advantage in the market,” says Butera. “We now have a unique and powerful system that works efficiently with all insurers and payers, and improves the customer experience and transaction speed at the point of sale. We plan to offer a turnkey quoting and order processing solution to our members that is like no other system in our market, and that is easy to use and maintain without the usual high costs associated with a custom system.”

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