Leading Mobile Workforce Management Company Leverages Cloud Solutions for Customer Success


  • Provide seamless integration with the Dynamics suite and other Microsoft applications.
  • Access software easily from any connected mobile device.
  • Streamline business processes.
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Fleet Complete
Toronto, ON, Canada
Fleet Complete is a leading global provider of IoT solutions in the connected, commercial vehicle space. They help over 30,000 businesses worldwide to be more successful by bringing a tailored approach to their fleet, asset and mobile workforce management needs.

“We actually had all of our employees work remotely. By being in the cloud, we were able to make sure that the transition was quite seamless.”


The company was originally conceived to meet the demands of the courier service industry, but rapidly grew across multiple sectors, including transportation, distribution, and field services. The primary reason for Fleet Complete’s success is their integrated approach to customer needs, providing solutions in a single, comprehensive telematics platform that is scalable to any business.

In December 2017, a government-mandated need for compliance in the trucking industry came into effect, which required the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) by federally-regulated motor carriers and commercial vehicle drivers. Many of these carriers and drivers were hesitant at first and only acquired devices at the last minute – resulting in an influx of sales and service calls. That meant a huge growth in business, but also an incredible demand on internal resources.


The company has been receiving an overwhelming number of requests and needed a system that would provide tools to support business processes, improve customer communications, and enable growth.

“Microsoft Dynamics, our operational backbone, was something that met our demands.”

Joseph Martino, VP Global Business Solutions at Fleet Complete

Not long after this surge in business, which Fleet Complete referred to as “man your battle stations” mode, the company kicked into disaster recovery mode. In January 2018, the Fleet Complete head offices in Toronto, Canada, were flooded. In addition to being extremely busy, many of employees could not access the office.

The Human Resources team immediately started working with first responders, coordinating with the facilities management team, and most importantly, figuring out a continuity plan that would allow for business to continue at a fast pace.


The use of Microsoft Teams for quick chat conversations, file sharing, voice and video calls was more important than ever, given Fleet Complete’s circumstances. Kelly-Ann Hewko, Executive Assistant, recalls feeling reassured, despite the head office being under water, since she had already been using the software on a daily basis. As Fleet Complete employees had already embraced the use of Microsoft Teams in their day-to-day work, the transition to working remotely was a lot easier.

“We actually had all of our employees work remotely. By being in the cloud through Microsoft Teams, we were able to make sure that the transition was quite seamless.”

Larry Indovina, EVP Human Resources at Fleet Complete

Due to Fleet Complete’s ability to embrace cloud technology, such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365, the company remained completely operational in the midst of a disaster.

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