Document generation

Create and deliver tailored quotes and proposals that drive customer engagement, through the advanced document generation feature of our CPQ solution.

Capabilities for faster generation of personalized, accurate quotes

An advanced feature of our CPQ solution, the document generation functionality powered by Experlogix Document Automation allows you to create, generate, manage, deliver, and e-sign highly personalized, accurate and compelling quotes and proposals, through automated and consistent processes. So you can deliver tailored documents faster than your competitors and better engage with your customers.

Dynamic quote builder

Experlogix Document Automation allows you to create quotes, proposals and other sales documents tailored to each opportunity. Leveraging our quote builder tool, you can easily design dynamic templates that automatically integrate customer information, pre-approved images and descriptions of products, pricing tables, as well as jurisdiction-specific terms and conditions, warranties, and SLAs. You can also add in expressions to incorporate complex calculations and conditions for inclusion or exclusion of content, resulting in highly personalized, accurate and compelling quotes.

Dynamic Quote Builder
Automated Document Processes

Automated document processes

With Experlogix Document Automation, you can visually build automated document processes for the creation, generation, management, storage, delivery, and e-signature of quotes and proposals. Guided through logic-based, optimized and consistent flows, you are empowered to send generated documents by email, to a network printer or via an e-signature platform, create Notes and Activities with attached documents, and store generated documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, or other content management system. This enables you to quickly get business-critical quotes into the hands of your customers, while increasing internal efficiency.

Empowering sales teams to sell faster with automation

Learn how Experlogix Document Automation and Experlogix’s innovative and intuitive solutions help customers automate the configuration, generation and delivery of customized, accurate quotes and sell at the speed of now.

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