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Dynamics GP

Powerful rules and formula capabilities, deep, flexible interaction with GP Manufacturing, organizations turn to Experlogix CPQ.

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Harness OOTB GP

Complete integration with GP Quotes and Orders are available the moment you install Experlogix. Access to the GP Product Catalog and Price Lists is also at the ready. We don’t alter your GP platform or force you to install custom entities or attributes. It’s all available OOTB (out-of-the-box).

Read From & Write To GP

Let’s say you need Experlogix to calculate a quote’s gross profit and you want to send that figure back to GP for reporting purposes. With clicks (rather than coding), it’s done. What if you want Experlogix to recognize the account’s country and only display products that can be sold in that region? Within minutes, it’s done!

BOMs & Routings

Experlogix can produce new product items and BOMs or we can reuse existing GP items and BOMs. Each Assembly and Item on a BOM can be dynamically added by Experlogix with an unlimited number of BOM levels inside Experlogix. Routing steps can be added in the same manner (such as custom shop floor work instructions). Sub-BOM attributes can be mapped to Experlogix, allowing you to set quantities, unit of measure, notes, etc. Sub-Route attributes like cycle time, move time, queue time and others can also be calculated by Experlogix.


Experlogix provides the ability to configure and extend GP Attribute-based Inventory, including intelligent part-numbering.

GP Updates

If you’re ready to take advantage of a new GP release, rest assured we support the new version too - there’s never a delay.

"Experlogix connects everything together. Configuring an order automatically creates a manufacturing order, bills-of-materials, and the pick list. There’s no opportunity for errors."
Greg Casteel, Senior Business Systems Process Analyst - Malibu Boats

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