Document Automation for Services

Create and deliver data-driven and accurate documents contributing to superior customer service and trusted relationships.

Generate personalized documents that drive long-term relationships

Experlogix’s document generation and document automation solutions help financial services organizations efficiently create and deliver highly personalized financial documents – statements, mortgage and loan applications, payment notices, and more – while ensuring accuracy, compliance and security.
Experlogix enables you to easily automate the creation of highly personalized financial documents with dynamic features and business rules. Incorporate customer information, account-specific tables and charts, calculations, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and regulatory notices, resulting in relevant and compliant documents.
We provide self-service web forms and integrations to enterprise core systems – financial services, accounting, ERP, and CRM – letting you access a wealth of error-free information to make the creation of highly personalized documents easier than ever before. Security controls ensure only authorized personnel can access confidential customer data.
Experlogix integrates with leading electronic signature providers – DocuSign, Sertifi, OneSpan Sign, and Adobe Sign – so you can quickly collect secure and legally-binding signatures on time-sensitive financial documents, anytime, anywhere and from any connected device, accelerating processes like account opening, and mortgage and loan applications.

Create data-driven and compliant personal financial statements

Using the Experlogix Template Builder, you can easily create personal financial statement templates that combine both standard, regulatory wording and variable data pulled from your connected financial services or CRM systems. Dynamic data fields automatically incorporate your customers’ personal and account information – name, address, account numbers, etc. You can add a table presenting detailed account activities such as deposits, withdraws and interests over a pre-defined period. You can also include calculations based on monthly or annual deposited amounts to estimate customers’ portfolio or savings growth; the results can be displayed in a bar chart for a visual snapshot. These features empower you to quickly assemble personal financial statements highly personalized and relevant for your customers, and compliant with your financial services organization’s regulations.

Speed up mortgage applications through a digital process

Your financial services organization can use Experlogix Smart Forms to implement online mortgage applications, eliminating paper-based processes and duplicated data. In an interactive web form, your customers fill out their information only once, guided by clickable definitions and warnings to ensure they provide all required information the first time. You can embed a mortgage payment calculator in your Smart Form, allowing customers to compare payments and choose the right option for their unique situation. When the form is completed, the data captured is automatically added to associated mortgage application documents generated in PDF format. The documents are sent for electronic signatures to your customers, and then to your financial services organization’s representatives for approval, accelerating the completion of the mortgage application process.

Automate the generation and delivery of loan payment notices

Experlogix Smart Flows integrates with your financial services organization’s CRM platform, so you can effortlessly build and deploy in your environment automated flows for efficient generation, management and delivery of loan payment notices. During the flow execution, the notices automatically incorporate customer and account information stored in CRM, as well as logic-based payment information. Once generated, loan payment notices are delivered to customers through their preferred channel, whether it is print or email. You can also configure the Smart Flow to attach a copy of the documents to the customers’ record in your CRM or ECM system. Automating the generation, management and delivery of loan payment notices increases internal efficiencies and ensures timely delivery to customers.

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