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Since 2005, and the release of version 1.2 of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Experlogix has been a pioneer in offering a sophisticated Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), product configuration system by expertly guiding users through every aspect of a Dynamics CRM Opportunity, Quote, Order or Service Contract. It even works off-line, so your traveling reps are never at a disadvantage. Built on the same .NET / SQL Server platform as Dynamics CRM, the two systems integrate seamlessly to provide a natural and intuitive user experience. Rather than trying to interface with many CRM systems, we focus exclusively on Dynamics CRM, enabling us to be specialists rather than generalists.

    • "I have evaluated several product configurators with our clients and nothing stacks up and works as well with Microsoft CRM as Experlogix." - Neudesic, LLC


    Experlogix features an intuitive configuration environment that turns even novice users into product customization experts. As you configure a product (or service), the system guides you via color-coded displays and pop-up messages. It even makes suggestions and fixes problems, all according to rules that you have defined. Graphics and technical product data can be called up at the touch of a button. With Experlogix's powerful product modeling architecture, a solution for virtually any configuration scenario imaginable can be easily designed and implemented.

    Flexible enough to support the unique needs of industries such as heavy equipment, high technology, software, professional services, and publishing, Experlogix Configurators are cost-effective and simple to use tools for rapidly improving sales and manufacturing performance.

    Guided selling requirements? Complex pricing strategies? Sophisticated bill of material needs? With more than 15 years of experience, Experlogix handles the complex requirements of organizations in all types of industries.


    Our exclusive Dynamics CRM Integration Toolkit provides deep mappings and data synchronization that are regarded among the best of any Dynamics CRM ISV in the business. Experlogix resides on your Dynamics CRM server and links to any standard or custom Dynamics CRM attribute, empowering you to create custom business logic and control any Dynamics CRM field. For example, customer specific pricing and geographic-based product rules can be automated with a few simple clicks. You have the flexibility of using the Dynamics CRM Product Catalog to store your products and pricing or skip the Product Catalog and maintain items within Experlogix. Experlogix also allows you to retrieve real-time product items, fields, pricing and more directly from Dynamics GP or Dynamics NAV.

    The Experlogix Configurator user interface respects the look and feel of Dynamics CRM. No need to learn how to navigate a new screen – it’s simple, intuitive and familiar.


    With hundreds of Dynamics CRM customers and thousands of users worldwide, Experlogix is the clear leader in configurator solutions for Dynamics CRM and we are Microsoft’s “go-to-ISV” for Dynamics CRM quote and order automation. Our integration to Dynamics CRM is certified by Microsoft assuring flawless upgrades and Microsoft compliant software development.

    Endorsed By Microsoft

    Your company is uniquely designed to fill a specific need in the market — that's what makes you successful. That's also why you need a business solution that is proven to meet your unique needs. You want assurance that the solution you invest in meets the highest quality standards, is backed by a reputable company who is as committed to your success as you are, and — most importantly — is recommended by other companies like yours.

    Solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics are thoroughly tested and proven to meet Microsoft’s highest standards for partner solutions. They are proven, tested, and recommended — giving you the assurance you need.

    • Ready-to-deploy for specific industry and business needs
    • Tested to meet Microsoft's highest standards and seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics products
    • Used and recommended by other companies like yours
    • Proven. Tested. Recommended.

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